Safe handling of psychedelic substances: How to take LSD correctly.

Written by: Konstantin Neumann



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Taking psychedelic substances can be dangerous and it is important to follow some basic rules when engaging in self-exploration with psychedelics. Taking LSD comes with a number of risks - both mental and physical. In many of our blog posts, we have already talked about what psychedelics are, what the differences are and what microdosing or high dosing means. We have also talked about other active ingredients such as MDMA, kratom and cannabis. Today we would like to go into detail about what you should look out for when taking LSD and give you a few tips, because your own safety should always come first. There are different ways of taking LSD for self-research and you can choose between different dosages. What exactly should you pay attention to and what factors play a major role in self-research? We answer these and other questions today. So: How do you take LSD?

Disclaimer: We are in no way recommending or glorifying the use of drugs. Our aim is to educate people and contribute to the removal of taboos surrounding psychedelic substances in society. Nor do we wish to promote any fear of contact - respect for the subject, a responsible approach and healthy curiosity should be the basis of any self-research.

Dangers of using LSD

Before we take a closer look at the use of LSD, we would like to briefly point out the dangers and risks of experimenting with psychedelics. Compared to other (partly legal) substances, such as alcohol, LSD is one of the less dangerous drugs. The potential for addiction is low and no deaths caused by LSD are known to date. However, the highly psychoactive and psychedelic effects can lead to temporary and sometimes permanent psychological side effects, depending on the individual. We are talking here about psychoses, anxiety disorders and the like. There are also cases of people who have been unable to return to reality after consuming the drug. Particularly mentally unstable people should refrain from taking LSD. We have already discussed more about the dangers and undesirable side effects in our article"Is LSD dangerous?".

What happens when you take LSD?

LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide. It is a chemical (not naturally occurring) compound that was first produced in 1838 - but its psychedelic effects were not discovered until a few years later. The effects of LSD depend mainly on the following three factors:

Dosage: very small doses of LSD (called microdosing) do not induce psychedelic trips. Microdosing with LSD has various benefits such as increased creativity, improved mood, more energy in everyday life and several others. The psychedelic effect only sets in at higher doses and again depends on how much of the substance you have taken.

Set: This refers to the mindset. Psychedelics can trigger different states depending on your state of mind. If you tend towards anxiety, a psychedelic trip can also make you feel insecure or trigger paranoia. In this case, the feeling of losing touch with reality is not necessarily perceived as positive. The opposite can be the case if you approach the topic with an open mind, few fears and curiosity.

Setting: It is not only your own inner state that is important, but also the environment in which you embark on the journey. You should make sure that you feel safe and are in the presence of people you trust. This will help you to let go and fully engage in the experience - so a Goa festival may not be the right setting, especially if you are new to the subject.

If you pay attention to these three main factors, there is a good chance that taking LSD will be a positive experience. However, no one can predict exactly what will happen during a trip, as psychedelics affect each person differently. As they are hallucinogens, in most (but not all) cases altered sensory perceptions are described - both visual and auditory. The feeling of leaving one's identity behind and becoming one with the entire universe is also frequently described. The boundaries of reality become blurred. But how do you take LSD?

Dose, set and setting are the three most important factors to consider when dealing with psychedelics.

LSD - intake & tips

An LSD trip needs to be well planned. It's not enough just to get the substance and take it - that would involve unnecessary risks. In addition to the aforementioned factors of dosage, set and setting, please pay attention to the following when preparing:

  • Accompanying person: A trip should never be undertaken alone. A so-called trip sitter is almost mandatory. The reason: due to hallucinations and the possible loss of reality, you may no longer be able to correctly assess risks and make life-saving decisions. Simple examples here are road traffic, which is no longer perceived, or visions and a feeling of invincibility that makes you believe you can fly. A person who accompanies the trip sober and keeps an eye on you is therefore a must.

  • Interactions: If you are taking medication, you must find out in advance whether there may be any interactions with LSD. As taking LSD also affects physical functions such as heart rhythm and breathing, you should clarify beforehand whether its use is associated with any particular risks for you.

  • The legal situation: In Germany, the sale and possession of LSD is prohibited and punishable by law. You should be aware of this when using it. In our store, however, you will find a legal LSD derivative, namely 1T-LSD. In derivatives, a chemical compound is added to the LSD molecule, which is metabolized without effect when ingested, leaving pure LSD.

How to take LSD - forms of administration

LSD can be taken in various ways. Drops, tablets or small pieces of paper, called cardboard, are common. The drops are rarely taken pure, but are applied to a carrier material (as with the cardboard). Sugar cubes are often used here. However, LSD in liquid form and also in cardboard form is often somewhat unstable and you don't always enjoy the full effect, which is why we have opted for tablets for the LSD derivatives in our store.

How do you consume cardboard?

Wondering how to take the cardboard? The application is quite simple: you simply place the small piece of paper under your tongue. Depending on the dosage of LSD (the seller should be able to tell you this), you normally take between half a cardboard and a whole cardboard. Important: Here we are talking about high dosing, i.e. a full trip and not experimenting with LSD in everyday life.

LSD Microdosing: A little guide

We cannot give you an official guide to microdosing LS D. There are different approaches and everyone has to find their own way. As a guide, however, you can assume a dose that corresponds to around one tenth to one twentieth of a standard dose of LSD. When microdosing, you should not use the substance every day, but find an appropriate cycle for yourself. For example, a two-day break between applications. It is also a good idea to keep a microdosing diary in order to record the effect and get used to the dosage and cycle.

How much LSD to take - and when to microdose or high dose?

Depending on the intention, different doses are given for taking LSD. One thing is clear: high dosing is not suitable for everyday use. High dosing may cause strong hallucinations, mind-altering states and a temporary loss of identity.

When is high dosing right for you?

As a high dosing experience can be very intense, we offer psychedelic ret reats. These retreats are supported by psychologists and spiritual guides who can help you to confront your negative beliefs. Our retreats are a safe space for those who no longer want to just scratch the surface of their own consciousness, but want to make profound changes in their lives. A group experience is not for you? We also offer 1:1 integration coaching via Zoom. We are also happy to help you integrate experiences with high dosing.

A high dosing experience requires careful preparation

But how do you take LSD when microdosing? With microdosing, only very small amounts are taken at daily or weekly intervals. Ideally, this has the effect that you can feel more energy, more creativity, more joy in life and many other effects in everyday life. The aim is to adjust the dosage so that you experience the positive effects of the psychedelics without experiencing hallucinations.

How do I know if microdosing is for me?

  • You want to take your self-optimization to the next level.

  • You want to test what effect microdosing has on your social skills and emotional well-being.

  • You want to find out whether microdosing can alleviate physical complaints.

How much LSD is contained in our capsules?

In the microgram range, we are talking about 10 µg of 1T-LSD per capsule in an LSD microdose. For high dosing, our products contain 225 µg of 1T-LSD. As already described, however, it should not be used lightly.

Not sure which experience is right for you or how best to approach the subject? Then feel free to contact us. We already have many testimonials that can help you to see your own path more clearly.

How do you take LSD? A conclusion:

In conclusion, it should be emphasized once again that taking LSD is a complex and risky undertaking that can have serious consequences - especially if you are not careful. Before you decide to take LSD, you should therefore inform yourself thoroughly about the potential risks and consequences. High dosing can lead to intense psychedelic experiences that bring about profound changes in consciousness, but are also associated with a higher risk of unpredictable effects. It is essential to do this in a safe and familiar environment with appropriate support.

Microdosing, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to experience subtle improvements in your own mental clarity, creativity and mood without experiencing the full-blown psychedelic effects. Many people report positive changes in their daily lives through microdosing. Nevertheless, the dosage should be carefully controlled and the source of the LSD should be trustworthy. Which experience are you attracted to?

In any case, the decision to take LSD should be well thought out and made responsibly. It's important to seek professional help if you have any questions or concerns, and to be aware that illegal possession and use of LSD can have criminal consequences in many countries. A good alternative is the legal LSD derivative from our store.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to weigh up the pros and cons and make a conscious decision on the form and dosage to take. How you take LSD is less important than respecting the substance and taking care of your own physical and mental health. These should always be paramount - to ensure your own safety.