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  • Please note: Our Microdosing journal is currently only available in German. However, we are currently working on an English version of our journal, and we will keep you updated on our newsletter.
  • Track progress and health
  • Identify patterns and trends
  • To improve overall well-being & productivity
  • Assists in improving mental health


This microdosing starter kit is designed to help you improve your mental 🧠, emotional ❤️ and physical 🧘 health using a scientific microdosing protocol.

The perfect setup to track your progress during the microdosing cycle.

If you are not sure which psychedelic substance you want to start your microdosing regimen with, you can also order both MODERNmind microdosing products and find out during the protocol which one is the most suitable for you.

Please note: Our Microdosing journal is currently only available in German. However, we are currently working on an English version of our journal, and we will keep you updated on our newsletter.

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What are the advantages of the Microdosing Journal?

Track your progress & health

With the Microdosing Journal, you can track your progress in microdosing psychedelic substances while keeping an eye on your health.

Identify patterns & trends

By recording data such as dosage, symptoms, and moods, you can identify patterns and trends related to your microdosing experience. Journaling helps you better understand and process your thoughts and feelings.

Improve your overall well-being & productivity

Microdosing can help improve your mood, creativity and energy. By recording your experience, you can also find out what factors contribute to you feeling your best and being most productive.

Weekly Tasks & Challenges

Your personal Mindset Coach

Our Microdosing Journal is not only your daily companion, but also provides you with suggestions and tasks and helps you on your personal way to more joy and increased wellbeing.

Inspiring manifestations that make you think

Your microdosing guide for personality development

The MODERNmind Journal contains food for thought and support to help you practice mindfulness and raise your awareness through microdosing.

Weekly Tasks & Challenges

Your personal Mindset Coach

Our Microdosing Journal is not only your daily companion, but also provides you with suggestions and tasks and helps you on your personal way to more joy and increased wellbeing.

Inspiring manifestations that make you think

Your microdosing guide for personality development

The MODERNmind Journal contains food for thought and support to help you practice mindfulness and raise your awareness through microdosing.

LSD Microdosing Guide & Journal + Microdosing Substance Starter Kit

The MODERNmind Bundle includes the Microdosing Guide plus a selectable Microdosing substance, and offers an optimal base to improve your life through microdosing and to optimize your experience. With this bundle, you can choose if you want to order 30 tablets of LSD microdosing, 30 capsules of kanna microdosing or both of the microdosing products in addition to the Microdosing Guide to find out which one suits you more. This Starter Kit is therefore well suited for microdose beginners, but also offers experienced microdosers a special added value. The Microdosing Guide included in the Starter Kit serves as a manual and diary at the same time and contains all the important information you need for your microdosing research journey. In addition to valuable information about psychedelics, their effects and dosage, you have the opportunity to reflect on your experiences, note your progress and develop yourself further through challenges.

Find the psychoactive substance that is right for you

In addition, you have the option to choose between the psychedelic substances kanna and the low-dose 1T-LSD derivative. Kanna is a natural remedy for more relaxation and inner balance. The kanna extract is obtained from the kanna plant and develops its effect in the central nervous system. This has the effect of lifting the mood and creating a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Originally, the kanna extract was used by the Khoi Khoi in South Africa and is now also becoming increasingly popular in our country. The microdosed LSD can help to stimulate creativity and energy, lift the mood and go through your day with a better attitude towards life. By increasing the activity of serotonin receptors in the brain, LSD microdosing can help achieve improved concentration and focus. You can either order both hallucinogens along with the Microdosing Guide at MODERNmind to try them both out, or opt for just one of the two substances. However, it is important to emphasize that the guide included in the Starter Kit is not intended as medical advice and that the exploration of microdosing substances is done on your own responsibility.

Microdosing Guide: Journal, Instruction & Diary in One

In our Microdosing Guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about microdosing with LSD and kanna: what microdosing is and how it works, the best way to dose it, and how often you can take it. In the LSD microdosing guide, you'll also get tips on how to use microdosing on a daily basis to give you the best experience possible. The guide included in the bundle serves not only as a microdosing guide, but also as a journal to record experiences and track progress. In the journal, the dosage of the applied microdosing substance can be documented and your own mood and thoughts can be recorded and reflected. In order to better understand the newly gained impressions, the Microdosing Journal contains reflection questions and enough space for your own thoughts. By taking the time to reflect on yourself and your Microdosing adventure every day, the Microdosing Guide can help you keep your goals in mind, improve your mindfulness, and positively impact your life.

Microdosing as a new routine in your everyday life

The MODERNmind Journal is not simply a notebook with empty pages that you fill with your thoughts, but rather a source of thought-provoking impulses and inspiration to sharpen your awareness through microdosing and to practice mindfulness. The included support can help you to structure your inner experience and to set a clear focus. Taking a short time each day to write and reflect can have a positive impact on your overall well-being and help reduce stress and anxiety. By regularly writing down your thoughts and feelings, you can also find out what effects microdosing has on your own psyche and whether it really does bring about positive changes in your everyday life.

The access to your emotions

In addition, writing down one's thoughts and feelings can help one to better understand and process one's own emotions. When microdosing, negative emotions may well occur that one might not have expected. By writing down these thoughts and feelings, one can consciously deal with them and address them specifically. Journaling is thus an important method for building a better connection with yourself and gaining greater clarity about your thoughts and feelings. In the Microdosing Guide, you also have the opportunity to record exactly which substance you took and when, and how you felt. This allows you to recognize correlations and find out which product is best for you at which time of day. The MODERNmind Microdosing Guide can be a valuable addition for you if you want to tap the full potential of microdosing and make your life more positive in the long term.

How to microdose LSD: small dose, big effect

Microdosing involves taking a small amount of a psychedelic substance without achieving a state of intoxication. The amount is below the threshold at which a conscious effect on the senses would be felt, and a high would be experienced. Microdosing is not about getting high or experiencing hallucinations, but rather about using the almost unconscious effects of psychedelics to achieve positive effects in everyday life. The dosage is usually very individual and depends on factors such as body weight, body size, mental state and individual tolerance.

Maintain the effectiveness of microdosing

As with many other substances, tolerance development can occur with regular use and the effectiveness can diminish. This means that the body gets used to the effect and the same dose no longer achieves the same effects as at the beginning. With regular break days, such a tolerance development can be counteracted. You can exactly record this information in your Microdosing LSD Guide and observe which dosage and interval is good for you. It is important that you pay attention to your individual needs and goals and adjust the frequency of use accordingly. The LSD microdosing tablets that can be selected in the Starter Kit are dosed with 10 µg of 1T-LSD each. This LSD dosage is a popular amount for many beginners, advanced microdosers also like to use two to three tablets and are thus between 20-30mcg 1D-LSD. The kanna capsules offered in the bundle each contain 15mg of sceletium tortuosum extract. The usual research amount here is between 2–4 capsules and can be documented and tried in the Microdosing Journal.

The amazing Kanna & LSD Microdosing Effect

It is believed that the subperceptual (below the threshold of perception) dose of a psychedelic substance affects the activity of serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in regulating mood, motivation, and emotion. It communicates brain areas with each other that would otherwise work separately. Increased serotonin receptor activity can help improve cognitive performance and mood. It has also been found to stimulate creativity and finding creative solutions.

The diverse potential of microdosing

If you also experience these effects, you can record them in the Microdosing LSD Guide and observe how it affects your life. The microdosing experience and effect can vary from person to person. Some individuals report increased creativity, improved focus, and a generally positive mood. Others, however, report improved introspection and a deeper connection with themselves and others. To experience the full benefits of microdosing, it is important to follow the correct dosage. To document your personal feelings depending on the dosage and substance, you will receive the Microdosing Journal with your order.

Kanna & LSD Microdosing Benefits for your everyday life

Because microdosing does not induce a state of intoxication and can therefore be used in everyday life, it has a variety of positive effects. You can write down your personal microdosing LSD experience in the Microdosing Journal, in order to be able to establish a connection between the LSD microdosing effect and the intake. Writing down your own experiences and thoughts makes microdosing verifiable and easier to understand.

Below are some benefits of microdosing LSD & kanna:

Optimal performance through more focus & concentration

Today's society is characterized by long working hours and increasing competitive pressure, and expectations for best performance are higher than ever. Some people who have already gained experience with psychedelics report that their concentration has been improved by microdosing and that they generally get into a focused work flow faster. Furthermore, mental clarity creates an increased receptivity, which in turn can increase one's own performance and work efficiency.¹ Through this optimized state of consciousness, (professional) goals can be achieved faster and more effectively.

Improving mental health

A study from the renowned King's College in London has shown positive mental health effects from microdosing. According to the results, depressive moods and stress can be reduced through the use of psychedelic microdosing.² Encouraging effects were also found in the control of addictions and improvements in general health.³

Increased performance at all levels

Furthermore, many users report that they notice an increase in their energy, creativity and general resilience. They feel more productive and active throughout the day and things that are otherwise procrastinated are tackled with much more ease - the drive and inner strength increases. Athletes have also been able to notice an increase in their performance and endurance with a constant load during training.

Open mind through microdosing

Nowadays, many millions of people suffer from anxiety and social phobias and thus take refuge in alcohol consumption in order to feel looser and more relaxed and to facilitate contact with fellow human beings. However, alcohol is a substance that can lead to enormous physical damage and addiction. In a variety of studies and findings such as David Nutt's scale (2010), it has been found that psychedelics such as LSD and mushrooms, on the other hand, show an extremely low potential for harm. Low doses of psychedelic substances can lead to more composure and openness, so that personal social skills increase and attention to fellow human beings increases.⁴

Conquer fear and gain inner strength

According to experience reports, microdosing with kanna proves to be extremely effective in combating anxiety. Anxiety can have a wide variety of causes, but always results in a frenzied hyperactivity of the mind and a subsequent and resulting hyperactivity of the autonomic nervous system. Kanna is able to decelerate the racing mind and bring a calm centeredness to the spirit. The effect has so far been confirmed by numerous people suffering from anxiety. By allowing the mind to calm down, it is able to reconnect with the body in a holistic way, creating a safe and relaxed feeling. Through this integration of mind, body and heart, the sufferer receives an inner peace and can gain new strength. The basic feeling of connectedness is essential for non-obsessive and anxiety-free behavior.

Microdosing risks: what you should be aware of

The dosage of microdosed psychedelics is so low that the risk of a dosage too high and the associated possible microdosing side effects are virtually excluded. In his study published in 2010, David Nutt showed that the dependence and damage potential of psychedelics such as LSD is far lower than that of legal social drugs such as alcohol.⁵ If you notice any peculiarities on your research journey or if you have any rather unpleasant experiences, you can record them in the Microdosing Journal. You may be able to identify connections between your well-being, microdosing, and other factors.

Your personal Kanna & LSD Microdosing experience

Numerous customers have already recognized the potential of low-dose psychedelics and have been able to achieve countless positive effects. With the MODERNmind Starter Kit, we also offer you the opportunity to redesign your life through microdosing and journaling. Accompanied by inspiring affirmations, reflection questions and plenty of space for your own thoughts, you can bring your mental, emotional and physical health to a new level. The combination of microdosing and journaling can be a powerful tool to develop a deep understanding of your inner experience, draw new energy and optimize your quality of life. If you feel ready for personal and spiritual growth and transformation, the MODERNmind Starter Kit is for you.


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