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In our psychedelics store, 1D-LSD, Kanna & HHC are available from first class laboratory quality. All our products meet the highest purity standards and are sold legally.
Each batch is checked by a German laboratory for purity.
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1D-LSD is a legal LSD prodrug. This is a precursor of LSD and is only metabolized to LSD. With us you can buy LSD legally.

Kanna is a midday flower plant with psychedelic effects, which originates from South Africa. In Germany, Austria and many other countries, Kanna is legally available.

HHC is a relaxing cannabis extract that has very similar effects to THC, but is currently legal and comparatively cheaper. 


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Starter Kit: Microdosing Guide & Journal + Microdosing Substanz - Microdosing & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNMIND
LSD Microdosing Kit - Mehr Energie & Leichtigkeit im Alltag - Microdosing & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNMINDLSD Microdosing Kit - Mehr Energie & Leichtigkeit im Alltag - Psychedelics & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNmind
Kanna Microdosing Kit – Dein Pflanzliches Kanna-Extrakt - Microdosing & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNMINDKanna Microdosing Kit – Dein Pflanzliches Kanna-Extrakt - Microdosing & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNMIND
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Fliegenpilz Microdosing Kapseln - Natürliche Kraft für Körper und Geist - Psychedelics & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNmind
Fly agaric microdosing capsules - natural power for body and mind Sale priceFrom €49,95 Regular price€59,95
High Dosing LSD Tabletten - Für spirituelle Erfahrungen - Microdosing & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNMIND1D-LSD High Dosing LSD Tabletten - Für spirituelle Erfahrungen - Psychedelics & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNmind
HHC - Cannabis Spray - Zum Entspannen - Microdosing & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNMIND
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Psychedelic Universe • Premium Organic Hoodie • Psychedelic Fashion - Microdosing & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNMINDPsychedelic Universe • Premium Organic Hoodie • Psychedelic Fashion - Microdosing & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNMIND

Buying LSD: 1D-LSD vs. 1V-LSD and Co. Where is the difference?

Before you will buy LSD from us, we would like to educate you about the different LSD derivatives. Since 1V-LSD has been included in the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NpSG), the sale of this LSD derivative has been banned since October 7th, 2022. For this reason, 1D-LSD was developed as a successor substance to 1V-LSD in order to continue to provide first-class research to the psychedelic community. At MODERNmind, you can legally order the new derivative known as 1D-LSD. The difference between 1D-LSD and 1V-LSD is reported to be a faster onset of effect with 1D-LSD and a shorter duration of effect. Numerous promising experiences suggest that the 1D-LSD compound is superior to that of 1P-LSD or 1cP-LSD in terms of its qualitative effects. 1D-LSD is a chemical that is not intended for human consumption but for research purposes. If you want to buy and try 1D-LSD, it should be done with greater care.

Since there is no way to order 1CP-LSD or buy 1P-LSD legally anymore, we offer you our assortment of 1D-LSD pellets. We have found that the active ingredient on blotters is often not stable for long, so we have deliberately decided against 1D-LSD blotters but for pellets. We sell the 1D-LSD in the following dosages:

  • Buy LSD for microdosing: 10 mcg microdosing 1D-LSD pellets, 30, 60 or 120 pieces
  • Buy LSD for macrodosing: 225 mcg high dosing 1D-LSD pellets, 5, 10, 20 or 40 pieces

Whoever is looking for a 1CP-LSD store, wants to buy 1P-LSD or shop 1V-LSD will encounter obstacles, because these LSD derivatives were banned by the NpSG. At MODERNmind, you can buy 1D-LSD, which was developed as a follow-up substance.

Kanna - herbal mood booster, anxiety remedy and aphrodisiac

If you want to buy legal psychedelics, you will stumble across Kanna in addition to 1D-LSD. Kanna is also known as Sceletium tortuosum or by the name Khoi Khoi and belongs to the Aizoaceae family (figwort or ice plant family). Kanna grows primarily in a small area in South Africa and is one of the most useful and functional herbs for mental and emotional well-being available in the world today. It is an excellent herb with a wide range of mood enhancing and emotion mediating properties. Kanna has an overall positive effect on the psyche, causing a profound integration of body, mind and spirit. Since it is not subject to the narcotics law, Kanna is legally available for purchase in Germany. 

At MODERNmind, you can not only buy 1D-LSD, but also legally purchase and explore Kanna.

A question of dosing: What is behind micro- and high dosing?

If you want to buy and explore LSD, we would like to inform you about the different dosages of 1D-LSD: Microdosing is the exploration of psychedelic substances with a dosage of only about 1/10 of the normal dose. In several clinical studies, an increase in performance, concentration and creativity was observed through the use of 1D-LSD as microdosing. In addition, 1D-LSD microdosing is believed to have a positive effect on curing mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, burnout and addiction. It is not infrequently reported that it expands consciousness, brightens mood and generally leads to a more open-minded, fun-loving and relaxed attitude in everyday life. With us, you can buy 1D-LSD, which is already dosed accordingly.

Through macrodosing or high dosing on the other hand, a deeper access to a previously completely unknown level of one's own consciousness can be gained, whereby an extensive reflection of one's general views and worldview can take place. By entering into deeper dimensions of oneself, the healing of heavily anchored wounds, compulsions, traumas and fears can be addressed. Macrodosing is often described by users as a groundbreaking, healing and educational experience. You want to buy LSD for a high dosing application? Then the MODERNmind store is the right place for you. If you want to buy high-dose 1D-LSD but don't want to explore on your own, we also offer LSD retreats (see below for more info).

The Extraordinary Potential of LSD: A New Perspective on an Old Drug

More and more studies are showing the positive influence psychedelics can have on the human psyche and the opportunities they create in the treatment of mental illness (recent Harvard University study). Psychedelics are heading for general medical approval after being designated a "breakthrough therapy" by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In the study by David Nutt, published back in 2010, it turns out that the potential for dependence and harm from psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms is far less than that of legal social drugs like alcohol. Several clinical studies indicate that the buildup of physical or psychological dependence from the psychedelic LSD is extremely unlikely. These facts lead to a rethinking, both within society and politics, so that gradually more and more countries like Canada, where now the therapeutic use of various psychedelic substances has been decided, are re-legalizing. Buy LSD and advance research - To advance the acceptance of LSD as well as other psychedelic substances, we invest part of our income from our LSD store in conducting our own, politically-independent studies. We make sure to offer a legal substance with our 1D-LSD derivative, which is free of impurities and more harmful substances due to the lack of contact with the black market. By constantly checking the goods, we can ensure excellent quality of all products available with us. Moreover, we cooperate with leading institutions that have been conducting clinical studies on the positive effects of psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin for several years. Buying 1D-LSD has never been safer.

The motivation behind MODERNmind

MODERNmind is a German start-up working hand in hand with experts to create a general awareness for psychedelics. For this purpose, we are the first in Germany to provide a legal LSD derivative (1D-LSD) in our own LSD store, which can be used for microdosing and also in high doses for macrodosing. If you want to buy 1D-LSD, you have come to the right place. We at MODERNmind believe that people deserve access to psychedelics and a healthy mental state. Therefore, it is our mission to create a social understanding for this still taboo topic and to make psychedelics already 100% legally accessible!

As already mentioned, you can not only buy LSD at MODERNmind, but also book accompanied therapies for high-dose experiences. These are conducted by psychologists and specialized therapists in guided psychedelic ceremonies at our retreats. This distinguishes MODERNmind Retreats from many others that seek purely spiritual healing through self-proclaimed shamans. We combine western, university science about the human psyche with spiritual healing. In addition, every store order includes access to our members area, which provides exclusive information and testimonials to our members.

In our 1D-LSD shop, the delivery time is 2-4 business days - delivery is made with tracking number by Deutsche Post. You can currently pay for your orders in our LSD store only by bank transfer, as most payment providers do not accept novel and psychoactive substances. We hope to offer more payment options in the future. The purchase is 100% legal and will not be prosecuted.