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Amount of sessions (50 minutes each): 1

Amount of sessions (50 minutes each)


Welcome to our psychedelic integration coaching

✅ 1:1 live coaching by specialized psychologists
✅ Appointments are assigned after booking has been made
✅ Intensive incorporation of insights
✅ Practical incentives to get started with implementation
✅ Individual adaptation of the content
✅ 1 session = 50 minutes
✅ Easy participation from home via Zoom
✅ Also for individual preparation for a psychedelic experience

Draw the full potential from your psychedelic experience.

Through a mind-expanding experience, old patterns are released, and new insights are brought to the surface of your mind. A psychedelic retreat alone is very powerful, but if you want long-term success in integrating your insights, it is advisable to implement them with the help of individual support from our specialized psychologists.

Draw the full potential from your psychedelic experience.

Through a mind-expanding experience, old patterns are released, and new insights are brought to the surface of your mind. A psychedelic retreat alone is very powerful, but if you want long-term success in integrating your insights, it is advisable to implement them with the help of individual support from our specialized psychologists.

When is Psychedelic Integration Coaching useful?

To prepare

for a high-dose psychedelic experience

Our psychologists prepare you individually for your psychedelic session and go through all the important points with you, so that you feel safe and enlightened. Together, your intentions and blockages are recorded in order to have them present during the psychedelic session.

As a follow-up

after a high-dose experience

You have already been on one of our retreats or have your own psychedelic experience behind you.
Some things still may be still unclear for you, and you would like to sort out your thoughts together with our professional staff and make them understandable and feasible for you.

For long-term training

of your new behaviors and positive beliefs

You want to work intensively on harnessing your valuable outcomes and really live the way you want to live. Consolidate your new habits through regular sessions with our MODERNmind psychologists.

Why psychedelic integration and LSD coaching is so valuable

Have you ever experienced a psychedelic trip that left you overwhelmed or lost? Or have you taken a leap of faith and experienced a profound change in your being, but don't know how to integrate it into your daily life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Psychedelic Integration Coaching is for you!

A psychedelic experience can be very intense, leaving travelers feeling euphoric and inspired for some time after the trip. However, it can also be challenging to understand the experience in its entirety and to integrate the insights gained into everyday life in a meaningful way. To ensure that the psychedelic experience remains more than just a pleasant experience, but that a long-term effect is created from the exploration of legal LSD, we offer Psychedelic Integration Coaching. Our Psychedelic Integration Coaches are specialized therapists and can support you in understanding, processing and ultimately integrating the insights and experiences of your psychedelic experience into your everyday life. The goal is to use the insight into your psyche constructively to bring out lasting, positive changes in your life and to unleash the full potential of yourself.

Within the framework of MODERNmind Psychedelic Integration Coaching, your own inner journey is to be continued and deepened in a guided, protected setting, even after the psychedelic experience. It is about putting the experiences into a larger context and understanding how they fit into one's own life. The psychedelic experience can be a trigger for life changes, but the real work often takes place in the subsequent integration, where we accompany you in the Psychedelic Integration Coaching.

Effects that can arise from Psychedelic Integration Coaching

Strengthening self-love: Together with your coach, you can build a loving relationship with yourself. You can learn to accept and love yourself as you are. This will increase your own self-esteem - you will pay more attention to your own needs again and create the basis to live out your full potential.

Spiritual awakening: You may have perceived a sense of unity in nature and other living beings during your psychedelic experience. This connectedness can be strengthened and new perspectives on your worldview can be gained.

Letting go of negative emotions and traumas: With the help of Psychedelic Integration Coaching, you can finally learn to understand, overcome and let go of fears, inhibitions, painful memories and blockages.

Realignment: Through guided self-reflection, you can recognize and overcome old habits, histories and thought patterns. You gain the inner freedom to completely reorient yourself in your life.

New inspirations: It is quite possible that you have received many insights and impulses during your psychedelic journey. In Psychedelic Integration Coaching, these will be used as new inspiration for your self-realization and life fulfillment.

Gratitude and Appreciation: Many travelers experience a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for life during their psychedelic experience. To feel this feeling on a daily basis, it can be intensified and integrated into your everyday life through various tools.

Dealing with emotions: In Psychedelic Integration Coaching, you will learn to deal with new emotions and feelings felt while using psychedelics.

Defining and implementing goals: Struggling to achieve your goals? Together with your coach, you will gain mental clarity about your goals, take concrete action, and find practical solutions to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Who can benefit from Psychedelic Coaching?

The Psychedelic Integration Coaching is aimed at all people who have already had experiences with psychedelics - either in the context of one of the MODERNmind retreats or on their own - and would like to integrate the insights gained from them into their everyday life. Together with a psychedelic guide, the psychedelic experience will be reflected and understood, as well drawing and integrating the benefits for further life fulfillment into everyday life. Individuals make the decision to have a psychedelic experience for a variety of reasons:

  • Mental illnesses: People suffering from psychological distress such as depression, anxiety or addictions can find access to possible deeper causes through a psychedelic experience and can process and heal them in Psychedelic Integration Coaching.
  • People in search of self-actualization: people who want to advance their personal development and are in search of a deeper understanding of themselves and life can benefit from Psychedelic Integration Coaching to gain insights into their own strengths, weaknesses and blocks, build self-confidence and increase self-awareness.
  • Individuals interested in spiritual growth: For individuals seeking spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of the universe, Psychedelic Integration Coaching can help them feel a connection to a higher consciousness and expand spiritual awareness.
  • Individuals who feel disoriented after a psychedelic experience: Some people feel confused and distressed after a psychedelic experience because they cannot process the experience on their own. This can manifest as anxiety, irritability, confusion, or fear in everyday life. This is where Psychedelic Integration Coaching can help develop an understanding and deeper meaning of the experience, as well as build a positive feeling about the experience.

What happens if the Psychedelic Experience is not integrated?

Psychedelics have the ability to amplify pre-existing emotions and bring repressed experiences to the surface. Through the experienced expansion of consciousness during a psychedelic trip, insight can be gained about the depths of the traveler's psyche: Traumatic experiences, as well as repressed memories and inaccessible emotions, can come to consciousness after years. This insight into the psyche can be experienced very intensely and is often still clearly noticeable after the trip. Without psychedelic integration, a sense of overwhelm or disorientation can result from this revelation. There is a risk that the knowledge gained cannot be placed in any everyday context, leaving a restless and anxious feeling. Having recognized repressed traumas and emotions, but not knowing how to process them further, can be emotionally very stressful and a challenge in everyday life.

This is exactly where MODERNmind Psychedelic Integration Coaching comes in. Psychedelic Training creates a connection between the experience with psychedelics and everyday life, so that what has been experienced can be integrated for the benefit of further personality development and the unfolding of potential. Together with a Psychedelic Integration Coach, the focus should be on what revelations were revealed during the psychedelic experience, what emotions were triggered and what new insights were seen. All these impressions shall be understood and integrated into your everyday life for your fulfilled life.

LSD Guide at MODERNmind - book your coaching appointment now

Our one-on-one Psychedelic Integration Coaching offers you the opportunity to process your psychedelic experience and gain important insights for everyday awareness to create a healthy and fulfilling life. In a confidential setting, you will be given the opportunity to open your heart and fully unfold. Psychedelic Integration Coaching can support you in shedding old patterns of behavior and thinking and integrating new habits that serve. Our coaches have the necessary know-how to deal with stressful emotions and thoughts and to master everyday challenges. With a Psychedelic Integration Coach at your side, you can clarify both the beautiful and the more difficult aspects of your psychedelic experience and receive the support you need to make positive changes in your life. Book your Psychedelic Integration Coaching appointment now to transform your psychedelic journey into everyday awareness.