LSD Retreats von MODERNMIND - Professionell geleitet in Deutschland

Psychedelic Retreats

A journey into your deepest inner self.

The MODERNMIND retreats are the right thing for you if you are ready to look into your soul and if you are interested in going on a legal consciousness expanding journey in the ideal setting. Responsible and purposeful use of psychedelics is extremely important to us.
This is why our retreats and ceremonies are professionally conducted by psychologists/therapists and experienced guides.

Aftermovie MODERNMIND Retreat

What does a MODERNMIND retreat feel like?

A MODERNMIND retreat helps you with the following:


Past events hold you back from living a full and happy life?

Examples: Traumas, bullying, strokes of fate, difficult family relationships,....


Do you have the feeling that something is holding you back from developing your true potential?

Example: You keep moving in one place, but feel that there is more to you and life.


You hold on to negative beliefs and comparisons that limit you.

Example: "I am not beautiful, successful, valuable or good enough".

What is a MODERNMIND retreat?

Our retreats aim to create a profound mind-expanding experience to gain new, deep (often spiritual) insights into life and oneself. We offer our travellers a holistic approach to prepare them for their experience. During a consciousness-expanding session, intense visual perceptions and highly profound insights about oneself, life, one's fellows and the environment can be gathered. In a therapeutic setting, these insights into the inner self are incredibly growth-promoting.


We especially emphasise a holistic care at all levels of human consciousness.


In our retreats we combine centuries of spiritual healing work from cultures such as Latin American and the science of the Western world. Therefore, our ceremonies are led hand in hand by psychologists and guides in therapeutic and shamanic work.

Our ceremonies focus on consciousness-expanding experiences. These states can be achieved in a cacao ceremony as well as in a MODERNMIND ceremony among others.

Body. Mind. Soul

You can expect a variety of modules that serve to promote physical, mental and spiritual health. These include meditation, breathwork and yoga. We work with experts who have years of experience in practising these effective tools from Buddhism and Japanese medicine.

Accommodation and meals

Our retreats take place in selected, magical locations such as castles, chalets, country farms and other special places. Food is provided for the entire duration of the retreat. We place great emphasis on high quality and wholesome food and also offer vegetarian and vegan options.

Professional support

Our retreats are accompanied by a psychologist and experienced guides. This way everyone receives the best possible support.

Fabiola reports about her experience at our psychedelic retreat

More detailed customer feedback about our psychedelic retreats from MODERNMIND

What are the advantages?

Through this experience of several days, a profound access to a completely unknown level of consciousness can be gained. This creates, among other things, a strong connection to nature, environment and the spiritual self, through which an extensive reflection of general views and one’s world view can take place. By entering into a deeper dimension of oneself, the healing of wounds and compulsions that are deeply rooted there, such as traumas, addictions, depressions, eating disorders and anxiety, can be tackled. Our MODERNMIND clients describe our consciousness journeys as a groundbreaking, healing and teaching experience.

Common effects of ceremonies at a glance:

• Confrontation of fears and inner blockages
• Deep sense of happiness and self-love
• Close connection with nature and oneself
• Support in healing mental illnesses
• Liberation from vices and addictions such as smoking
• Access to the subconsciousness
• Achievement of flow states


A therapeutically accompanied MODERNMIND ceremony offers the possibility to access one's consciousness and gain new insights to heal inner wounds and traumas. It can lead to a strong connection to oneself, one's environment and nature. To express how psyche.delic substances work in the brain, magine the following picture:

You see a snow-covered hill on which children are sledging. After a while, there are fixed tracks to which the sledges routinely stick without exploring other, meaningful paths. Psyche.delic substances are like fresh snow that covers up old, rigid paths, allowing for fresh, enlightening paths. 

Magical MODERNMIND Retreat

Our Psychedelic Retreat - accompanied by psychologists and therapists

The MODERNMIND retreats combine centuries-old spiritual healing work from Latin America and Asia, held in the form of shamanic ceremonies, with contemporary western science and latest university psychology.
Our Psychedelic Retreat welcomes anyone who feels ready to embark on this special journey and is curious to find out more about themselves and life. On MODERNMIND's Psychedelic Retreat you are allowed to let go and give up control, you are allowed to bring everything that evokes feelings in you, no matter if it are positive experiences or negative ones.
Many participants of our psychedelic retreat want to work through past traumas, pain, strokes of fate or negative, formative moments of their childhood.

Others are mainly interested in learning more about themselves through a psychedelic retreat, to get to know and experience new strengths and potentials. The participants at the MODERNMIND Psychedelic Retreat do not only come with different intentions but also with different backgrounds. Students, mothers, fathers, self-employed, entrepreneurs, employees as well as creative professionals and freelancers take part in the MODERNMIND Psychedelic Retreat.
You are in best hands and will be accompanied by shamans, psychologists and therapists with years of experience.

What is a Psychedelic Retreat?

At the beginning the question arises: "What is a retreat?” A retreat in general refers to a planned spiritual blueprint or retreat from familiar surroundings. While in English the term is also generally used for phases of relaxation or stress reduction, in German the meaning of a spiritual practice with various mental and physical practices has become established. The aim of many is to create a better understanding of oneself, problems and one's surroundings, as well as to gain new perspectives.

Retreats provide a framework for reflection on choices and establishing healthy habits. There are a variety of retreats such as the Yoga Retreat, Meditation Retreat or even the Psychedelic Retreat. The Psychedelic Retreat is particularly characterised by the use of a psychedelic substance such as LSD, Plant Medicine or similar. A psychedelic trip is the goal of a Psychedelic Retreat and under the guidance of experts such as a shaman and psychedelic therapist can work wonders in raising consciousness. The origins of the Psychedelic Retreat lie centuries in the past. Especially in Latin America and Asia, early cultures worked with mind-expanding substances.

As in modern times, people have felt for centuries the urge to seek inner peace and to build a better self-image full of love and gratitude. Psychedelics can help people gain insights into their minds to heal inner wounds. The MODERNMIND Psychedelic Retreat is particularly characterised by the fact that, in addition to the use of a psychedelic substance in a protected setting, great emphasis is also placed on the preparation of the participant, the integration after the retreat and the BMS system.

Our Psychedelic BMS-System


The Psychedelic Retreat components

On our Psychedelic Retreat we use different practices for body, mind and soul to give the participant a holistic experience and because we truly believe that all functions of the human being contribute to being balanced, healthy and happy. So our Psychedelic Retreat is right for people who are ready to embark on an intense journey to themselves.

Breathwork: We use breathing exercises to promote mental, physical and spiritual well-being on our psychedelic retreat, contributing to deep relaxation and awareness.

Meditations: Various concentration exercises contribute to the optimal preparation for the great psychedelic retreat ceremony and help in finding one's own inner centre and harmony. Our shamans are also happy to work with sound healing.

Yoga: Through the millennia-old teachings from India, a connection of body, mind & soul is achieved with the aim of strengthening and balancing them.

Ceremonies: The MODERNMIND Psychedelic Retreat focuses on mind-expanding ceremonies with legal psychedelic substances. Your trip will be accompanied by professional guides, shamans and therapists. The main ceremonies of the MODERNMIND Psychedelic Retreat are a cocoa ceremony (Plant Medicine Ceremony) and an LSD ceremony with our legal LSD derivative.

What is a Cocoa Ceremony?

The Cocoa Ceremony is becoming increasingly popular - numerous spiritual blogs and Instagram accounts talk about it and the warm feeling it leaves in you. It is a centuries-old shamanic ritual that has been passed down from generation to generation, mainly by the Incas and Mayas. It involves the highest purity, raw cocoa being served and drunk in a ceremonial setting. Cocoa is a powerful plant medicine that is said to balance the imbalance between nature and man. Besides appreciation of Mother Earth, cocoa is also said to bring clarity, self-determination and harmony into our lives. Often, gratitude is expressed, breathing exercises and other rituals are performed so that the heart is ready to open up.

In general, what is on one's mind is addressed, which can also help to release blockages. It is often reported that a warm feeling arises in one and one literally wants to dance. In addition to the rituals for soul and spirit, this is also due to the high proportion of serotonin, the "happiness hormone", and tryptophan, which stimulates the serotonin production. In addition, anandamide is activated, which leads to the metaphysical, spiritual level, where cocoa provides access for ideas, visions and insights.

Retreat vacation with many benefits

The right set and setting on our Psychedelic Retreat by specialised therapists and shamans with many years of experience: On the MODERMIND Psychedelic Retreat you are in an optimal and safe environment, where you find the space to let go and give up control. You will be able to redefine yourself and focus on your personal psychedelic experience. Our psychedelic retreat is delivered by professional guides in the most magical environment possible, in a retreat room or outdoors. Our psychedelic retreat starts at home by giving you important tools to prepare yourself for the weekend, such as intention building, dietary recommendations and daily consumption of media, stimulants and so on.

The aim is to prepare you optimally for the psychedelic retreat. On the psychedelic retreat itself, you will be intensively prepared for the consciousness-expanding journey through our BMS system modules. The MODERNMIND psychedelic retreat is therefore also ideal for newcomers who have not yet had any contact with mind-expanding substances. Many of our clients are on a psychedelic retreat for the first time and often travel alone.

If you want to go on the Psychedelic Retreat with your partner, friends, family members or other people in your life, then it is of course a great way to strengthen your connections. Whatever you choose, you will be warmly welcomed and feel connected to the other participants of the Psychedelic Retreat. Psychedelics help to ground us and connect us not only with ourselves but also with our environment, nature and other people.

All our participants arrive at our psychedelic retreat with very different intentions. However, what they all have in common is the curiosity to explore their own consciousness and to feel an inner connection through the Psychedelic Retreat. It is important to listen deeply to yourself beforehand and reflect if you feel the inner call for a psychedelic retreat. You do not have to be experienced, just ready and full of joy and curiosity for the psychedelic retreat.

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