LSD and Sex: is that even possible?

Written by: Konstantin Neumann



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It's getting spicy! Today we want to talk about a somewhat different and yet hotly debated topic: sex and LSD. The question is: is it even possible? Anyone who has ever really had a drink over their thirst knows that even then it's not that easy. Because even if your libido hasn't completely disappeared, you still need a minimum of your five senses together to actively engage in mattress sports. Under the influence of psychedelics at the latest, you have to ask yourself whether hallucinations are compatible with sex and if so, what influences what? The hallucinations the sex or the sex the hallucinations? We take a look at the topic of sex under LSD from all (colorful) angles, so stay tuned!

Sex on drugs

Some drugs, such as MDMA, are already known to have a positive effect on sexual sensation and the need for sex. The feelings of connection triggered by MDMA actively encourage social interactions and make it easier to open up. Together with the pleasant physical sensations and the increased sensitivity to stimulation, this provides a fertile basis for (good) sex. Small to medium amounts of alcohol also seem to be beneficial, while sex is rarely thought of with larger amounts. With cocaine, on the other hand, at least for males of our species, stability is often lost. While occasional cocaine use significantly increases the sex drive, long-term use can lead to a drop in libido and erectile dysfunction. In general, stimulating drugs tend to have a positive effect on the libido, at least in "moderate" quantities. However, those who are on a full-on trip usually have other thoughts. In addition, frequent drug use is also known to have a strong impact on our general health and often causes lulls in our sex life.

Despite the possible negative consequences, drugged sex seems to be a popular combination. There is even a name for using drugs during sex: chemsex. Not only are the usual party drugs such as MDMA and LSD taken during sex, but also far more dangerous substances such as meth and G (liquid ecstasy). The aim: more stamina and more intense orgasms. The result: addiction.

LSD: sex or no sex - that is the question here

But what about sex after taking LS D? LSD, like MDMA, binds to the 5-HT2A receptors in the brain and influences our serotonin system. Intensified perception and a stimulating effect on the body are also part of the symptoms here - regardless of the psychedelic effect. LSD can therefore also increase the desire and need for sex due to its positive effect on physical arousal. However, as the visual hallucinations and spiritual experiences come to the fore, especially in the first half of the trip, the thought of sex is very quickly forgotten after taking LSD. Only when the peak (the high point of the trip) is over and you start to return to your body does the need for physicality become more intense. In this second phase of the LSD trip, sex is possible and is described as indescribably intense, beautiful and sometimes funny. What generally applies to the use of hallucinogens also applies to sex on LSD: you should be able to get involved with everything that comes your way.

The effect of LSD during sex: a cosmic orgasm

The intentions when using hallucinogens can vary greatly. Some people hope to experience colorful, kaleidoscopic visions, while others focus on a spiritual expansion of consciousness. Especially if you can get involved in the experience, you have the opportunity to perceive yourself from a completely new perspective. The boundaries between yourself and the universe become blurred and dissolve, and LSD often leads to the experience of "ego death", i.e. the disappearance of the subjective self. You are no longer just a person, but the whole universe. You are everything there is, one with the world. This experience can be reassuring and frightening at the same time. Together with the intensified physical perception, the LSD effect gives you the opportunity to explore sex in a completely new way. You become one with the other, every touch and every movement suddenly becomes the focus of perception. The emotional connection to your partner is also strengthened in these moments. Testimonials also describe how the loss of self-awareness makes it feel as if you become one with your partner.

The orgasm of cosmic proportions is particularly emphasized in many descriptions: orgasms are no longer limited to individual body regions, but extend over the whole body and beyond. They are also experienced as much longer and more intense. However, as LSD (also during sex, of course) strongly influences the perception of time, it is difficult to say whether the orgasm actually lasts longer or whether this only appears to be the case due to one's own distorted perception.

A cosmic orgasm

Sex and LSD: Yes, it is possible

In short: Yes, sex and LSD can be combined. However, before you turn to hallucinogens for your sexy self-experiments (by the way, you can do this legally in our store with our LSD derivative), there are a few small things to bear in mind:

  1. LSD is not entirely harmless. Because it interferes with the serotonin system in the body, it can also cause undesirable side effects such as paranoia, anxiety and psychosis. We have explained the dangers of LSD in more detail in our blog post.
  2. LSD can lower the inhibition threshold. This makes you more willing to take risks or go beyond your own limits. This doesn't always have to be a negative thing, but you should be aware of it before you take it.
  3. Statistically speaking, consumers have an increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases. One of the reasons for this is that under the influence of psychoactive and psychedelic substances, the logical mind is sometimes more, sometimes less active. Safer sex habits are then often thrown out of the window along with the condom. Should the condom be used after all: Please note that LSD also dries out the mucous membranes and the condom can break more quickly due to the increased friction. So, at best, think about lubricant before the trip.
  4. A positive sex experience with LSD is not guaranteed. LSD is unpredictable and can lead to unpleasant experiences. Even if the trip goes well, LSD can cause unusual and strange sensations during sex. So you should be prepared for anything.
With the necessary precautions, sex on LSD can work out just fine.

Sex on LSD - worth the hype

Sex on an LSD trip can be an exciting and mind-altering experience. You can get closer to yourself and your partner, open up fresh perspectives and get to know the world of your own sexuality in a completely new way on LSD. The most important basis for a positive experience: trust in your partner. You should be able to let yourself go and both parties should feel comfortable in each other's presence. You are also more likely to have good sex with LSD if you already have some experience with the psychoactive substance. This allows you to approach the subject with more confidence and enjoy the new experience on all levels.