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+ optional: 240-page Microdosing Journal & Guidebook

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  • Chemical Information: 1T-LSD – (8β)-1-(1‑(thiophene‑2‑carbonyl)-N,N-diethyl-6-methyl-9,10-didehydroergoline-8-carboxamide hemi-L-tartrate


Buy legal LSD Microdosing at MODERNmind

With us, you can buy 1T-LSD Microdosing, which comes as a convenient kit with 30, 60 or 120 tablets with 10 µg 1T-LSD each.

To offer an optimal research experience, we have chosen LSD pellets (tablets) instead of blotters, because in our experience, the shelf life is much more stable.

Usually, the research amount is between 1–2 tablets, so a Microdosing Kit is sufficient for 1–2 months.

Since 1D-LSD is a chemical compound, it is intended for research purposes only.

In addition to the Microdosing Kit, you will receive a password to the MODERNmind member area with your order. In the member area, you will find experience and application reports from experienced researchers and dosing aids.

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Buy LSD Microdosing: take your life to a new level with psychedelics

The priority for best mental health is getting higher and higher and alternative healing practices are more present in Germany than ever before. What has long been recognized and integrated into everyday life in America is now also gaining more and more attention here: the potential of LSD microdosing. Before you buy LSD Microdosing from us, however, we would like to briefly inform you about the different LSD derivatives. Due to the classification of 1V-LSD in the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NpSG), the sale of 1V-LSD is banned since 07.10.2022. As a successor substance to 1V-LSD, the 1D-LSD and later the 1T-LSD derivative was developed, which you can legally buy from us as Microdosing LSD. 1T-LSD is an LSD derivative that is considered a prodrug - this means that it is not listed as a prohibited drug and is therefore completely legal. At MODERNmind, you can legally order the new 1T-LSD tablets online.

What is LSD Microdosing?

Microdosing is the exploration of psychedelic substances with a dosage of only about 10% of the normal dose. In our psychedelics shop, you can buy LSD Microdosing, which is already correspondingly low dosed. Microdosing is extraordinarily suitable in everyday life, especially because no state of intoxication or sensory changes are produced. The microdose of 10μg 1T-LSD is so low that the risk of too high a dosage and possible side effects are virtually excluded. In our psychedelics store you can buy LSD microdosing for your safe research. While researching microdosed psychedelic substances, you are socially acceptable and can go about your daily life as usual. If you buy LSD Microdosing, you will not experience a psychedelic trip, but many other positive effects. Even people who are skeptical about the possibilities of psychedelic substances can enjoy the benefits of psychedelics through microdosing. With us, you can buy 1T-LSD microdosing, which is already dosed accordingly. Research with MODERNmind Microdosing products is usually done every two days. Buying LSD Microdosing at MODERNmind means not only the first step towards higher awareness and well-being in your everyday life but also first-class product and service quality. You can find more information as well as questions and answers about the exact dosages in the member area, where you can log in with the password included with your order.

Buy LSD Microdosing from MODERNmind

At MODERNmind, you can buy LSD for microdosing and make your own life more positive: More joy in life, reduction of anxiety, increase in concentration and creativity - these are just a few of the positive effects that have been described by users:inside and observed in several clinical studies through the use with 1T-LSD as microdosing.² In addition, the use with microdosed psychedelic substances can expand the consciousness, help to achieve a more relaxed and joyful attitude in everyday life and thereby increase stress resilience. Significant cognitive improvements have also been noted: Users report stronger memory as well as performance, which has proven extremely useful during the fast-paced times in our performance-oriented society. Studies have made astonishing observations in the use of microdosing in connection with mental disorders.¹ According to these studies, a microdosed LSD derivative can have a positive influence on the healing of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, burnout and addiction. In the MODERNmind store, you too can buy LSD microdosing and improve your mental life for the better.

Addiction to microdosing?

Now that psychedelics have been designated as having "breakthrough application potential" by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration³, we can hope for general medical approval. David Nutt showed in his study published back in 2010 that the addiction and harm potential of psychedelics like LSD is far lower than that of legal social drugs like alcohol⁴. Therefore, before you buy LSD Microdosing from us, we would like to share with you the information that the buildup of a physical or a psychological dependence through the psychedelic LSD is extremely unlikely. Due to these findings, a rethinking is taking place both within society and in politics. More and more countries (e.g. Canada) decide to legalize various psychedelic substances for therapeutic use.

Chemical information on 1T-LSD and legality

1T-LSD – (8β)-1-(1‑(thiophene‑2‑carbonyl)-N,N-diethyl-6-methyl-9,10-didehydroergoline-8-carboxamide hemi-L-tartrate

Just like 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD, 1V-LSD and 1D-LSD, 1T-LSD is a lysergamide prodrug based on an ergoline structure, meaning that it shares many properties with LSD in a laboratory setting. The molecular structure is very similar to 1P-LSD and 1B-LSD, but initial reports suggest that it can produce stronger visual effects upon introspection, but has a longer time to onset of action. Due to the larger molecular mass compared to 1cP-LSD and 1P-LSD, a slightly higher dose is required. Tests have shown that 10 µg of 1D-LSD - which you can buy here as LSD microdosing - is comparable to 8 µg of 1cP-LSD, so your own research should be adjusted accordingly. If you would like to buy and research 1T-LSD microdosing from us, please bear in mind that it may take longer for research results to be available. Buy LSD microdosing - 1T-LSD and 1D-LSD, unlike 1V-LSD, is currently legal in Germany and almost all countries in the world where there is no blanket ban on psychoactive compounds. You can easily buy LSD online from us.


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