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LSD Microdosing Kit - Mehr Energie & Leichtigkeit im Alltag - Psychedelics & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNmindLSD Microdosing Kit - Mehr Energie & Leichtigkeit im Alltag - Psychedelics & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNmind
1T-LSD High Dosing LSD Tabletten - Für spirituelle Erfahrungen - Psychedelics & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNmind1T-LSD High Dosing LSD Tabletten - Für spirituelle Erfahrungen - Psychedelics & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNmind
Starter Kit: Microdosing Guide & Journal + Microdosing Substanz - Psychedelics & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNmindStarter Kit: Microdosing Guide & Journal + Microdosing Substanz - Psychedelics & Retreats für dein Wohlbefinden | MODERNmind

What should I know about LSD and its derivates before buying it?

A lot, actually. We will not be able to cover it all right here and now, but we will explain why you can buy a special derivative of this special drug from us – and legally, too. The main reason is this: It does not fall under the Narcotics Act (BtMG) or New Psychoactive Substances Act (NPSG). Both buying and taking 1T-LSD is 100% legal in most European countries, and on top, we have taken the liberty of providing you with products that already come in the right dosage.

A brief history

What does LSD stand for? The abbreviation means lysergic acid diethylamide or in short also: lysergamide. About 80 years ago, the drug was discovered more or less by chance by the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann when he actually wanted to develop a circulatory drug. Hofmann digested some of the new substance – legend has it accidentally – and was the first to find out that it is indeed a quite powerful psychoactive and psychedelic drug. After somewhat of a wild period in the 60s, in 1971, the substance was banned in Germany and from now on could only be produced illegally. Until this day, buying, selling and producing classical LSD continues to be prohibited.

What is LSD made from? The psychedelic substance is a synthetic drug made from ergot. In its pure form, it is white and odorless, but as it is one of the most effective drugs on planet earth, it has to be diluted with a carrier liquid, so an overdose can be avoided.

Apart from a few production facilities where lysergic acid diethylamide was still being developed as a party drug, research came to an almost complete halt. But more recently, with the Microdosing trend, the substance is back in fashion. However, since the original drug is still banned, scientists have been working on so-called LSD-derivatives.

These alternatives, also known as prodrugs, are basically LSD with a little add-on. The substance is very similar to the original form of the drug – except for a small molecule added to the chemical structure – and is metabolized by the body in such a way that an effect comparable to the original substance is achieved. Not all derivatives are legal and not all are great for consumption either – so it is advised to be careful when looking into experimenting with prodrugs.

Why can you only buy 1T-LSD at MODERNmind?

The substances 1P-LSD, 1CP-LSD and 1V-LSD are listed in the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NPSG) – which means it is illegal to buy them – so they are not an alternative if you want to experiment with lysergic acid diethylamide. Instead, at MODERNmind you can get the currently legal 1T-LSD.

MODERNmind is your reliable psychedelic store if you want to experiment with these psychedelic drugs. If you have any doubts about the product, feel free to contact our team. We have experimented with our substances ourselves and are happy to assist you in choosing the right dosage. Of course, we can answer all your other burning questions, too.

We are also always keeping up to date with current laws around this drug and the development of such, so if any further derivates will become banned or re-permitted, we will know. And: We are not gatekeeping any information, so you will be the first to know after us. It is our vision and aim to offer transparency just as much as a safe option for self-experimentation.

How to take LSD the right way

If you want to buy and take 1T-LSD, the dosage is crucial. It is not advisable to start your LSD-use with high doses right away because everybody can react differently to the drug, or rather to the derivative of the LSD-drug.

Occasionally, you will see blotters (i.e., small pieces of paper) being offered to you when you want to purchase this drug – especially when it is being sold illegally. It is important to know that the LSD-solution on these can be a bit unstable, so depending on how long the blotters have been sitting around, the active components might be… well, less active. So, how do you take LSD? In our MODERNmind store, you can get 1T-LSD in the form of tablets. Therefore, you have the possibility to try out Microdosing LSD at set dosages and are able to increase it incrementally. You will always know how much you are taking and can be in control every step of your journey.

We offer the following dosages:

  • low-dose: 10 µg 1T-LSD per unit (30, 60 or 120 tablets)
  • higher dose: 225 µg 1T-LSD per unit (5, 10, 20 or 40 tablets)

If you want to microdose LSD, you should start out with our low dose. You can experiment by taking a pellet to explore the effects. The higher dosed tablets are for more advanced users. The pills also have a little breaking edge, so you can cut them in half to get your desired dose as well.

Important note: While 1T-LSD is legal, there are certain risks. Before you purchase any psychedelic drug and start Microdosing, you should consider possible side effects. In addition, it may be wise to consult a doctor before experimenting with your first dose. Then nothing will stand in the way of your psychedelic adventure.

What does LSD do to the brain?

Like almost all psychedelic drugs, it connects to the serotonin receptors in the brain and therefore directly impacts neurological activity. It is not fully known yet, how exactly an LSD-experience is formed in the body and there seem to be more factors involved than just the serotonin receptors, but here is what is known about the effects in short:

  • LSD long-term effects: There are possible long-term effects of the drug, especially when LSD-use is undertaken frequently. Read more about it in our article about LSD.
  • How long does LSD last: The effects can last several hours. Read more in our article about the duration of an LSD trip.
  • How long does LSD take to kick in: It usually takes around 30-60min for the drug to set in, depending on how much you have taken, if you have eaten before, etc.
  • Is LSD addictive: The substance is one of the less addictive drugs out there.

Your preferred online shop: buy 1T-LSD and other legal drugs at MODERNmind

If you want to order 1T-LSD, you have come to the right place. MODERNmind is your best option, if your goal is to safely explore alternative experiences (and sometimes even dimensions). We have tablets in different doses and quantities in stock for you. If you wish, you can also receive detailed instructions on Microdosing and keep a journal to document your personal research results with the drug. This way you will not get confused with the dosages and make sure you work your way up slowly.

Experienced users can also buy tablets for Macrodosing LSD from us to experiment with larger doses of the drug. Of course, you will only get the legal 1T-LSD from us and cannot buy 1V-LSD or 1CP-LSD as this would violate the law in Germany.

Are you ready for your first experience? Then buy LSD at MODERNmind now and discover what exciting effects the substance can have on your body!