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  • For advanced users
  • 225 mcg per LSD tablet
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  • Chemical Information:
    1T-LSD – (8β)-1-(1‑(thiophene‑2‑carbonyl)-N,N-diethyl-6-methyl-9,10-didehydroergoline-8-carboxamide hemi-L-tartrate.


High Dosing Kit with 1D-LSD tablets from MODERNmind

With us, you can buy 1T-LSD in tablet form as a high-dosing kit, which contains 5, 10, 20 or 40 LSD tablets with 225 µg 1T-LSD each, depending on your choice. The LSD tablets have a breaking edge in the middle and can therefore be easily cut in half. Beginners usually explore 1/2 or 1 tablet (=112.5/225mcg) and advanced users explore 1 - 1 1/2 tablets (=225-337.5mcg).

Safety Notice:
Please note that High Dosing should absolutely be used by experienced and advanced researchers only. First time users should never use high dose research substances alone and without extensive preparation. A professional psychedelic retreat can give first-time users a safe framework.

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What makes MODERNmind special?

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1T-LSD: Instructions for use & effect

Since 1T-LSD is a chemical compound, it is intended for research purposes only. In addition to the High Dosing Kit, you will receive a password to the MODERNmind Member Area with your order. In the Member Area, you will find experience and application reports from experienced researchers and dosing aids. But first of all, there are some things you should know before experimenting with LSD.

Inner awakening through macrodosing with 1T-LSD

Compared to microdosing, macrodosing with 1T-LSD explores a high dosage of a psychoactive substance. This creates a so-called psychedelic trip that blurs the boundaries between the outer and inner worlds and can open up access to your innermost essence. This experience can cause you to view yourself and the world around you differently. If a specific intention for the trip is defined prior to use, LSD tablets have the potential to dissolve negative beliefs, limiting behavior patterns, or trauma. Unlike microdosing with 1D-LSD, LSD macrodosing is not suitable for everyday use and should only be performed with sufficient preparation, experience and knowledge. The MODERNmind retreat offers a protected framework and an optimal setting to make this experience. In our online shop, you can buy 1T-LSD for high dosing in the form of tablets, but you can also apply for a MODERNmind retreat if you want to do a high dosing experience in a protected and supervised setting.

Using 1T-LSD for your optimal research journey

At MODERNmind, you can buy different LSD derivatives: one for (everyday) microdosed use and one LSD derivative for macrodosing experiences. Since high-dose use is usually an intense and transformative experience that can be experienced very differently, you should make sure that the set, setting, and dosage are right when using LSD.

By "set" we mean your mindset: A positive attitude and an open mind can help make your experience with 1D-LSD more healing and enjoyable. It is always helpful to learn about the effects of LSD in advance and to have a clear intention or goal for the experience. Careful preparation can help make your experience more meaningful.

The "setting" means the environment and context in which you explore the legal LSD derivative. An optimal setting should provide a safe and relaxed environment that is free from distractions and negative influences. It may be helpful to have friends, trusted individuals, or one of our psychedelic retreats accompany you. At our retreat, specialized therapists and shamans with many years of experience create the optimal set and setting to explore 1D-LSD in a safe environment with a security factor. There you can relinquish control and find the space to let go and surrender to the research. Through our guidance, you are able to focus on your personal psychedelic experience.

The astonishing effect of 1T-LSD

LSD, also known as lysergic acid diethylamide, is a powerful psychedelic originally derived from the ergot mushroom, first synthesized by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann and popularized since the 1960s. LSD is one of the hallucinogens that induce an altered state of consciousness characterized by intensified perception of surroundings, sensations and thoughts. Psychedelic rituals have been performed in many tribes for thousands of years. The substances used there are colloquially referred to as sacred medicine, since they are supposed to serve not only to reveal the soul but also to heal the psyche.

LSD can alter visual perceptions, making colors and patterns appear more intense and moving. Spatial perception can also be altered: Travelers report that objects and spaces can appear larger or smaller. In addition, the use of LSD can lead to an altered sense of time, so that minutes seem like hours or hours seem like minutes.

The use of 1T-LSD can enhance the current state of mind and the basic mood of the traveler, but also uncover unprocessed and repressed experiences and feelings and bring them back into consciousness. Travelers report how this profound access to the subconscious has allowed them to work through trauma and dissolve limiting beliefs. However, not only can a strong connection to yourself be established, but also to nature and your fellow human beings. It is not uncommon for users to experience themselves as part of the greater whole (universe) through an experience with LSD. Macrodosing is therefore described by users as one of the most healing and educational experiences of their lives. If you also want to start the journey to your inner awakening, you can buy 1T-LSD from us.

Can you also benefit from the potential of 1T-LSD?

Because the effects of LSD are often described as an intense, mind-expanding experience, high-dose psychedelic experiences find particular popularity among individuals interested in gaining new insights into life, themselves, and their environment. According to studies, they can have a positive impact on mental health and, in a therapeutic setting, can be especially beneficial for people suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders. Likewise, the potential to improve addictive disorders and eating disorders has been noted.

At the same time, it is interesting for people who feel trapped in your habits and beliefs. Psychedelic travel can help break through entrenched conventions to find a new attitude towards life and inner happiness. On the other hand, it is not suitable for people who suffer from psychosis, are not sufficiently prepared for it or are not in a stable physical or mental condition.

Is 1T-LSD legal in Germany?

Just like 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD, 1V-LSD and 1D-LSD, 1T-LSD is a lysergamide prodrug based on an ergoline structure, meaning that it shares many properties with LSD in a laboratory setting. The molecular structure is very similar to 1P-LSD and 1B-LSD, but initial reports suggest that it can produce stronger visual effects upon introspection, but takes a longer time to onset of action. Due to the larger molecular mass compared to 1cP-LSD and 1P-LSD, a slightly higher dose is required. Tests have shown that 225 µg of 1T-LSD is comparable to 150 µg of 1cP-LSD, so please adjust your research accordingly. It may also take longer for research results to become available, so please bear this in mind.

Chemical information: 1T-LSD – (8β)-1-(1‑(thiophene‑2‑carbonyl)-N,N-diethyl-6-methyl-9,10-didehydroergoline-8-carboxamide hemi-L-tartrate.

1T-LSD is an LSD derivative that can be bought legally in Germany. If you want to order 1T-LSD from our store, you don't have to worry about legal consequences. Discover the potential of high dosing!