Meditation to fall asleep: thoughts off, dreams on

Written by: Konstantin Neumann



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Did you know that you spend around a third of your time on this planet sleeping?
Healthy sleep is vital: it gives your body and mind the space to regenerate and recharge your batteries - especially when your private life and job demand a lot from you. Meditation to fall asleep and relax can help you to process the thoughts of the day and effectively calm down in the evening.

Here are three simple exercises to help you drift gently into the land of dreams.

How to meditate to fall asleep and sleep through the night

Before you indulge in your sleep meditation, it is important to create a supportive atmosphere. All the things that need to be done before going to bed should be completed. Make sure your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature of around 18 degrees and put your cell phone, laptop and other devices away half an hour before meditating. These devices emit so-called blue light, which sends your brain the message "day" and impairs the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. If you want to listen to relaxing music on your smartphone while you meditate, you can install an app with a blue light filter as an alternative.

For that extra bit of coziness, light up your bedroom discreetly with a salt lamp or a night light. Now you're ready for your meditation and a good night's sleep.

Meditation to fall asleep - and lose weight?

Meditation is a powerful technique that can make a significant contribution to the quality of your sleep and promote mental and emotional balance. With a nice side effect:

Thanks to the relaxation, you break the cycle of stress hormones, making you generally less prone to cravings. This is why many people swear by meditation as a sleep aid and natural weight control. However, your kilos shouldn't be the main reason why you choose to meditate - because the core of this practice goes far beyond externals, as you'll see in our first featured meditation, the 'Sleep Mantra', in a moment.

Meditation to lose weight?

Meditation to fall asleep and let go: the 'sleep mantra'

Mantras play a central role in spiritual traditions and originate mainly from ancient India. They often consist of Sanskrit words or short phrases that create a deep resonance within you through their sound vibrations. These 'sacred syllables' have been used for centuries to calm the mind, promote concentration and connect with higher levels of consciousness.

The beauty of mantras is that you are not limited to specific words. So for the mantra meditation to fall asleep, you can create your own mantra that has a calming, inspiring meaning for you. If you are still at the beginning of your meditation journey, the words "calm" and "relaxation" are particularly suitable. And this is how it works:

  • Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself.
  • As you breathe in, visualize the word "calm" (or your personal mantra) in your mind's eye. Let this mantra flow into you with your breath and fill you completely.
  • As you breathe out, concentrate on the word "relaxation" (or your personal mantra). Imagine how all tension leaves your body.

Repeat this process in the stillness of your thoughts for about 10 minutes.
The calm and relaxation will deepen with each breath.

Meditation for better sleep

Breathing meditation to fall asleep

Breathing techniques are undoubtedly one of the classics among relaxation aids.
For this meditation while lying down to fall asleep, all you need is a quiet room in which you are not disturbed by any external factors. It is therefore best to do it directly in your bedroom.

  • Lie comfortably on your bed. Stretch your legs out and let your arms rest loosely at your sides. Close your eyes.
  • Take a moment to scan your body from the tips of your toes to your head. If you notice any tense areas, try to consciously release them. Don't forget your face, eyes, forehead and mouth.
  • After the scan, focus your attention on your breath. Breathe in deeply through your nose, counting to seven in your belly. Then breathe out through your nose while counting to seven again.
  • Repeat this cycle at least ten times.

Good to know: It is completely normal for your thoughts to drift off to sleep during this meditation. But don't be too hard on yourself. Acknowledge each thought, thank it, gently push it away and direct your concentration back to your body, your breath - and complete relaxation.

The fantasy journey: Meditation for children to fall asleep

Whether brooding mode or excess energy: Even the youngest among us can find it difficult to achieve physical and mental calm before going to bed. A children's meditation for falling asleep is usually based on so-called fantasy journeys. With these guided meditations, your child is sent on an imaginary journey by your calming voice, which conveys a sense of security and well-being.

Here is an example of a meditation story for falling asleep:
Invite your child to lie down, close their eyes and focus on the rhythm of their breathing. Once they are breathing evenly and deeply, ask your child to visualize themselves lying on a soft, warm sandy beach. The sun has just set and the waves of the ocean can be heard nearby. With every breath, your child feels as if they are sinking deeper into the warm sand, feeling safe and weightless. Their arms, hands, feet, legs and head become heavier and heavier - until they finally fall asleep, deeply relaxed.

Always make sure that you speak slowly and in a hushed voice when telling the story. You can also repeat certain sequences if it is helpful for your child.

Additional tip: Guided meditation to fall asleep

Are you unsure which meditation helps you fall asleep, or would you like to practice a little more? Music streaming services and video platforms such as YouTube now offer numerous guided meditations to join in with. A meditation to help you fall asleep is usually available free of charge, so you can try it out without any restrictions. However, once you have found a meditation that helps you fall asleep, you should stick with it for a while so that your body and mind can settle into it.

Meditation to fall asleep: 10 minutes of your time that are worth double

Stress, hectic schedules and other things can make it difficult for you to relax and fall asleep in the evening. From tried-and-tested meditations from our tips to guided meditation to fall asleep online - with targeted relaxation exercises, you can calm your body and mind, fall asleep more easily and improve the quality of your sleep.

Would you like to ensure even more relaxation in your everyday life outside of meditation? Then psychedelic substances may be an option. You can also explore this possibility as part of a psychedelic retreat.