Meditation while lying down: a gentle path to more relaxation

Written by: Konstantin Neumann



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A deserted beach, a yoga mat - and a happy person in the lotus position. This is probably the classic image that pops into your head when you think of meditation. But does meditation always have to be done sitting down? Or can you also relax properly when meditating lying down? We'll tell you when it makes sense to meditate lying down and which practices are suitable.

Can you meditate lying down?

Meditation is a journey to your innermost self. This makes it all the more important to approach it carefully. Whether you want to lie down or sit during meditation depends on your current state of mind and your preferences. Perhaps there are days when your body invites you to choose to meditate lying down and feel the cozy warmth of your blanket?

Meditation while lying down is a practice that is no less effective than meditation while sitting, and is therefore fully justified. Beginners in particular often find it easier to let go and surrender to the waves of relaxation when meditating lying down. In addition, after a long day, they often lack the strength in their back and abdominal muscles to hold themselves upright for meditation.

It is therefore best to decide whether to meditate lying down or sitting up according to your individual needs and feelings!

Tips for meditation while lying down

Before we introduce you to specific options for meditating lying down, we would like to show you how you can best prepare for these relaxing moments.

The room in which you meditate should be quiet, warm and inviting. Perhaps you can be accompanied by a few scented candles or soft sounds? For meditation while lying down, you should prefer a soft, comfortable surface and make sure you are warm enough - for example with a blanket or cozy clothing. To support your neck, you can place a flat pillow under your head. Either stretch your legs out completely straight or place them about hip-width apart at a right angle. Your feet should be flat on the floor, which will reduce the tension in your lower back. Breathe deeply into your stomach. Are you ready? Then let's start meditating lying down.

Our tips for meditation while lying down

Our top 5 meditations while lying down

Rest is not the absence of energy, it is the gathering of energy. Based on this guiding principle by Eckhart Tolle, we present below the most beautiful lying down meditations that allow you to gather your energy effectively: Whether you're looking for a way to drift off to sleep, start your day revitalized, balance your chakras or stay in the moment, the following meditation techniques are accessible to meditators of all experience levels.

1 - Meditating in bed: meditation while lying down to fall asleep

In the familiar comfort of your bed, there is no need for complex preparations for the relaxation you long for. Rather, it is a return to simplicity: you, your breath and the surrounding silence. Perfect conditions for meditation while lying down!

To let go of the hectic pace and thoughts of the day, you can start your night's rest with an effective breathing meditation while lying down. Take a deep, conscious breath through your nose. Fill your lungs completely and feel your stomach rise. Hold your breath for a few seconds and then slowly let the air out through your mouth, as you breathe out tension and stress more and more from your body. If your mind drifts off or thoughts arise, acknowledge them and bring your attention back to your breath. After a few minutes of this conscious breathing, allow yourself to go into a natural breathing rhythm and let go of control. Trust that your body and mind know what to do. And when sleep comes, welcome it and be happy that your meditation while lying down has had an effect.

2 - Visualize energy: Morning meditation lying down

Meditating in bed in the morning is an excellent way to greet the new day refreshed and full of energy. It can be very short and can therefore be perfectly integrated into your morning routine.

After waking up, first take time to stretch your body and arrive in the here and now. Then start the short meditation lying down by closing your eyes, breathing calmly and visualizing yourself in your favorite place. This could be on a hill, in a temple or in a forest clearing. Observe the rising sun in your mind's eye as it shines brighter and brighter. Feel how its warmth fills your body and provides you with vitality. Say out loud or in your mind how you want to feel at the end of the day. Loved, peaceful, serene, free? Take this resolution with you into your day and let the warmth in your heart guide you. Also, affirmations can also be added here.

3 - Chakra meditation while lying down

Chakra meditation, in which you open and balance your seven energy centers, is particularly suitable for doing while lying down. As you wander through the individual chakras in your consciousness, this position helps you to release any tension and focus on harmonizing the flow of energy. You can fully surrender to the vibrant nuances and sensations of each chakra, filling the corresponding body region with radiant color and cleansing it energetically.

You can find numerous guided chakra meditations on video platforms, which you can enjoy while lying down and achieve an even deeper level of detachment.

4 - Mindfulness meditation while lying down

As part of the MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the Body Scan is a sensitive mindfulness meditation that is mainly practiced lying down. During this meditation while lying down, you direct your attention from one part of your body to the next, noticing everything that appears: Warmth, coolness, tension or relaxation. The aim is to meet each sensation with acceptance and curiosity, while your breathing acts as a supportive tool to release tension. Through this self-observation, you foster a loving relationship with your own body and mind and allow yourself the time to nourish yourself.

More mindfulness with meditation while lying down

5 - Guided meditation for beginners lying down

If you are unsure how to start meditating lying down, you can refer to guided meditations to fall back on. On the internet, for example, you can choose from a wide range of free meditations of this kind: in them, you are guided step by step by a speaking person - and it is easier for you to concentrate on certain aspects such as your breath and let yourself go completely.
By the way, guided meditation while lying down is particularly popular with people who have difficulty falling asleep, as it distracts their thoughts from everyday worries and fills the mind with calming images.

Conclusion: Part of your power lies in lying down

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not a technique that must be practiced exclusively while seated. From guided meditation for beginners to practicing mindfulness and chakra meditation, there are various ways in which you can enjoy meditation while lying down and calm your body and mind. However, in order to achieve the desired relaxation effectively, you should make sure you have a sheltered place, a comfortable surface and sufficient warmth.

If you want to deepen your meditation while lying down, you can use legal psychedelic substances to support you in this. Mind-expanding substances were used many hundred years ago for self-discovery or to promote mental health. And you, too, can benefit from the effects of microdosing. At MODERNmind, you will find everything you need. We wish you lots of joy, relaxation and peace while meditating lying down!