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Our best tips for preparing for an LSD trip

We know absolutely no one who enjoys a bad trip on LSD. So-called horror trips happen from time to time, especially if the preparation before the LSD trip left a lot to be desired. It is not always possible to prevent such experiences - but you can drastically reduce the risk if you put the necessary time and energy into preparing for your LSD trip. How to do this, what you need and what you should pay attention to: We'll clear that up properly now. So if you're thinking about starting an LSD experiment in the future, read on! It could be the difference between a positive and a negative experience for you.

But: We would like to point out here that we in no way want to glorify or challenge the use of drugs. Rather, we want to use our work to draw attention to a taboo subject in society and gradually break it down - for more freedom for everyone.

How do you take LSD?

Before we take a closer look at various tips on how to prepare for an LSD trip, let's go through the basics of LSD - starting with how to take LSD. Depending on how you consume the LSD, you'll either have drops (the pure liquid form) or pre-prepared, so-called cardboards. These cardboards are simply small pieces of paper (often printed with psychedelic patterns) that have been sprinkled with the LSD. The LSD is therefore already pre-dosed and you simply place it under your tongue. Sometimes - especially if you have obtained liquid LSD as a private individual - the carrier for the LSD is not cardboard, but a sugar cube with a drop of LSD on it. In our store you will find 1S-LSD, which is an LSD derivative in the form of small, pressed tablets.

Both cardboard and tablets are very easy to use and do not require any special preparation for the LSD trip, as these forms of consumption are already pre-dosed. In most cases, you also know more or less reliably how many micrograms of active ingredient - more or less, because you can never be 100% sure (in contrast to legally available products) on the black market.

But how do you take cardboard and sugar cubes? Taking them is quite simple: sugar cubes and cardboard are placed in the mouth, liquids can simply be dribbled under or on the tongue.

How long do you keep cardboard with LSD in your mouth?

The most common form of ingestion is probably cardboard. You simply place them under your tongue, wait until they have dissolved - et voilà! No residue should remain in the mouth, so the cardboard dissolves completely. The question of how long the LSD stays in your mouth is therefore superfluous.

By the way: you don't always have to take a whole cardboard. You can also cut it in half or even in quarters. This is particularly relevant if you venture into microdosing. A whole dose of LSD is counterproductive and the amount of a single packet must be divided over several days.


LSD dosage

We continue with the "correct" dosage of LSD. We write correct in quotation marks because there is no one correct dose of LSD. In this respect, this is part of the preparation for the LSD trip: finding the right dose for you. Should it be a high dosing -experience or microdosing ? How much experience do you already have with LSD? You should think about this before you put a piece of cardboard in your mouth. As a rule of thumb, it's better to start with lower doses and work your way up - as a beginner, it's really difficult to estimate what effects which doses will have on your body.

The right amount also depends on the setting in which you are experimenting. Are you with friends? Is there a trip sitter? Do you feel comfortable where you are? It is definitely not advisable to start a self-experiment in the high dosing range, as this can go really wrong really quickly. Use the following scale as a guideline:

  • Low dose : 20-75 µg

  • Medium dose : 75-150 µg

  • High dose : 150-400 µg

  • Very high dose : Over 400 µg

Take care of yourself and your body and don't overdo it - as described in our article on bad trips and how to end an LSD trip: A horror trip is anything but pleasant.

LSD: experiences that not everyone has

In preparation for an LSD trip, you should have already read various experience reports. There are plenty of them on the World Wide Web and you will quickly realize that hardly anyone has had the same experience. LSD has a slightly different effect on everyone. Sure, hallucinations, strong visuals and vivid colors and patterns are the order of the day, but LSD causes more than just hallucinations.

LSD takes you on a journey through your own inner world and these range from mild hallucinations to alien encounters. As LSD affects the entire body (i.e. body sensation, thoughts, emotions, perception, etc.), it is almost impossible to predict exactly which experience you will have. Recurring reports of so-called ego death are particularly exciting: here you experience the dissolution of your own separate ego - i.e. your human consciousness. This can be both a liberating and a frightening experience and the better prepared you are for it, the easier it is to process this particular type of LSD trip afterwards.

Other possible experiences:

  • Creativity and playfulness: Some people may experience creative activities such as painting, playing music or writing more intensely.

  • Altered movements: Movements may feel different and there may be an urge to move or dance.

  • Insights and reflection: Many report deep insights or new perspectives on their lives, relationships and the world.

  • Philosophical and spiritual thoughts: Profound spiritual or philosophical thoughts and insights may occur.

  • Altered perception of time and space: Time may move slower or faster and space may seem distorted.

In short: Get to grips with what is potentially coming your way!

LSD side effects - risks and health hazards

As part of your preparations for your LSD trip, you should also consider the risks you are taking by using it. And before you switch off at this point because you think you already know everything: the health risks of LSD should not be underestimated - and not just because it is a psychoactive substance. Regardless of the various effects on the body, such as the serotonin system and one or other brain function, the hallucinations themselves harbor a completely different danger: due to the loss of reality associated with the visual and sometimes auditory changes in perception, you may no longer be able to assess whether you are in danger in the "real world" or not. Just because you feel invincible in your dream world and think you can fly doesn't mean that nothing will happen to you in reality if you jump off a roof.

A trip sitter should therefore always be with you when experimenting with high doses!

The effects of LSD: How long does LSD take to work and how long does it last?

As with everything, the same applies here: The dose makes the poison. Depending on how much LSD you have taken, the speed at which you feel the first effects and the length of time they last will also vary. Other factors also come into play here: How sensitive are you? How effectively does your metabolism work? What mindset did you go into the experience with?

As you can see, when you enter the world of LSD & Co. there is no one answer to all questions. Rather, it is a process of learning, recalibrating and testing, during which you will get to know yourself, your body and your mental limits from a whole new perspective. The proof of the pudding is in the eating - and with the right preparation for your LSD trip, you are more likely to have a positive experience.

So that you have a basis to hold on to: In most cases, the first, noticeable effect sets in somewhere between 20 and 90 minutes after ingestion and then lasts around 8-12, and in some cases even up to 16 hours. Work the next day? Probably not.

Final tips on how to properly prepare for an LSD trip

We would like to give you a few final tips on taking LSD. Regardless of the obvious health risks, the correct dosage and the possible experiences, you should also consider the following topics in preparation for your LSD trip:

  • Your physical health: Do you have any medical conditions that are against it? Are you currently physically fit? Carry out an honest self-assessment.

  • Your mental health: Do you have any pre-existing conditions that could be dangerous - such as psychosis? Then it's better not to.

  • Medication: Are you currently taking medication? Then it is essential to clarify whether there could be any interactions.

  • Time planning: Have you planned enough time for the trip itself and do you anticipate the necessary recovery time afterwards? You should give both body and mind the rest they need to process the trip properly.

  • Water and bread: It doesn't have to be bread, but if you have to search for something to eat in the kitchen on your full trip, you might not be very successful. It's best to have some light snacks nearby beforehand - clearly visible.

  • Acceptance: Try to accept all sensations and thoughts that present themselves to you on your trip, even if they are unpleasant. Resistance can increase anxiety.

  • Breathing exercises: Deep, conscious breathing exercises can help you stay calm and centered.

  • Creative pursuits: Art, music or gentle movement can promote positive and enriching experiences during your trip.

Nature: Spending time in nature can be particularly soothing and calming, provided it is safe. Attention: This is only possible when accompanied by a trip sitter!

Gehirn unter Einfluss von LSD

Not only the preparation of the LSD trip is important...

... but also the appropriate follow-up. The effects that an LSD trip can have on the psyche are often greatly underestimated. But it is not for nothing that there are psychedelic retreats where people with psychological training accompany - and guide - those present through their experience. And can also support them in an emergency. For precisely this reason, we also offer our Psychedelic Integration Coaching we offer: It can be more than helpful to discuss the experience you have had with others, to reflect on it and learn to interpret it.

Ideally, as part of your preparations for your LSD trip, you should also take care of the right aftercare for yourself. This definitely includes getting plenty of sleep to help your body cope with the strain of the trip, relaxing activities the day after and, if you feel inspired, methods such as journaling or meditation to reflect on the experience - if not with others, then definitely on your own!

Conclusion: The right preparation for your LSD trip

We hope that you have been able to take one thing away with you here: The experience you can have with detailed preparation for your LSD trip can be a massively different one than without it. Does everyone always prepare? No. And if you take LSD at the festival, you're not going to sit on the sidelines and write a diary.

But: If you are interested in what else LSD can teach you about yourself, then the following recommendations for preparation can make your LSD trip much more intense, enjoyable and effective. The main thing, however, is and remains that you come out of the experience safe and sound!