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Discover the depths: psychedelic meditation for more clarity and peace

Psychedelic Breath: breathing technique for LSD-like trips, is a transformative breathing technique that can lead to an LSD-like state of consciousness without the use of substances. For some time now, a new breathing "trend" has developed alongside the well-known pranayama breathing techniques from yoga, namely psychedelic meditation, which we would like to take a closer look at.

This technique was developed by Eva Kaczor. This type of breath work is often combined with traditional meditation and is referred to as psychedelic meditation. The focused meditation and targeted breathing help you to go deeper into your own inner self.

Find out in this article what other positive effects and benefits psychedelic breathing promises and what safety instructions should be observed. You will also receive a comprehensive guide to practicing psychedelic meditation.

What is psychedelic meditation?

Psychedelic Breath Guide

Psychedelic Breath is a breathing ceremony and breathing method that affects the body in all its dimensions. It can slow down the frequency of brain waves and thus create access to the unconscious as well as to higher states of consciousness. A combination of breathing exercises developed by the German psychologist Eva Kaczor. Psychedelic Breath, a powerful breathwork technique that can lead to deep relaxation, the release of emotional blockages and the visualization of new goals and motivations.

Psychedelic Breath meditation combines slow deep breathing, box breathing, with fast holotropic breathing to create a perfect combination of both breathing techniques. The special feature of the breathing meditation is the electro music adapted to the alternating breathing, which Kaczor has developed with selected DJs especially for festivals or other spiritual events and seminars. Fast beats are followed by gentle, calming sounds. The fast music invites you to take the so-called cycle - hyperventilating. When the music calms down, you take a deep breath and then exhale. Then you don't breathe for a while until you inhale and hold your breath until the next wild cycle begins. The electro music that is played during the meditation is adapted to the alternate breathing and helps to take the cycle and control the breathing. The guided alternate breathing helps to lose the body and enter a trance state.

Get high through breathing

Psychedelic Breath was developed as an alternative to the LSD trip by the Berlin yoga teacher and psychologist Eva Kaczor. We get high through breathing in the true sense of the word, primarily through the altered blood flow to the brain. It combines two interesting breathing techniques. On the one hand, Psychedelic Breath is based on box breathing: inhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds. This technique, also known as "four-square breathing", is said to calm the nervous system and regulate important bodily functions such as blood pressure and heart rate through controlled deep breathing. Box breathing can counteract sleep disorders and reduce stress. It is therefore ideal for integrating this technique into daily psychedelic meditation. Eva Kaczor combined long deep breathing with its exact opposite: accelerated deepened breathing, also known as holotropic breathing. This technique is similar to hyperventilation and is also used in psychotherapy to overcome blockages. Rapid breathing causes an imbalance of the acid-base balance in the body towards alkaline - less carbon dioxide is absorbed, resulting in reduced blood flow to the brain. What sounds unhealthy is, to a certain extent, completely harmless for healthy people.

Psychedelic meditation - A combination of breathing and meditation, a concept developed by psychologist Eva Kaczor. Through the breathing technique of psychedelic breath work, deeper levels of meditation can be achieved than with normal meditation. The brain waves, which are in the beta sequence in the normal state, can reach the alpha, sometimes even theta wave range with this type of psychedelic meditation. This state is characterized by intense relaxation, a confident mood and a feeling of unity of body and mind.

Psychedelic Meditation und Psychedelic Breath

Advantages of psychedelic meditation

Through the controlled deep breathing of psychedelic meditation, you can reach your brainwave frequency in the alpha range and overcome your life and your old habits and beliefs in the subconscious. Psychedelic Breath Meditation is important for deep meditation and can help you lose yourself in your body and soul. It can reduce stress and panic attacks and calm the body. The benefits of Psychedelic Breath are obvious: the dynamic combination of panting and deep, long breaths not only provides relaxation, but also a feeling of detachment and many positive emotions.

Especially at the end of a session, feelings of deep connection, pure happiness, gratitude and love often arise. This means that psychedelic breathing is actually better than intoxication, as it leaves a thoroughly positive aftertaste instead of a hangover. If you are looking for a personal mission or want to clarify another existential question, psychedelic breathing can help you achieve your goal.

Breathing techniques and exercises for psychedelic meditation

Psychedelic Breath Meditation combines slow deep breathing, Box Breathing, with fast holotropic breathing to create a perfect combination of both breathing techniques. The electro music that is played during the meditation is adapted to the alternate breathing and helps to take the cycle and control the breathing.the guided alternate breathing helps to lose the body and enter trance states.

Psychedelic Meditation by Eva Kaczor

Eva Kaczor knows her stuff and has been working professionally and spiritually with breathing for around 14 years. As a purpose coach, she supports her clients in living and creating what they were born for. PSYCHEDELIC BREATH is a tool she developed to get to what really matters.

Eva Kaczor is a qualified psychologist, purpose coach, yoga and meditation teacher and the founder of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®. You have probably heard of Wim Hof's breathing technique or psychotropic breath or psychedelic meditation. PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a practice that Eva has developed herself - on the dance floors of Berlin, among other places.

Breathwork is a new name for an old form of therapy: breathing. Breathing correctly can reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and lower blood pressure. Our breathing is controlled - unconsciously for us - by the autonomic nervous system; it becomes shallower and faster when we are anxious and deeper when we are relaxed. As part of psychedelic meditation, tension is released through conscious and controlled breathing - this is the key to Breathwork.

Breathing means life. Animals breathe, trees breathe, no organism can do without breathing. Our breath reveals our feelings, and conscious breathing can help us to organize our thoughts and positively influence our bodily functions, especially our nervous system.

Brain research is also interested in why the speed at which we breathe has a major influence on our feelings. How we breathe is controlled by neurons in the breathing center of the brain, in the so-called pre-Bötzinger complex. Slowing down our breathing calms overactive nerve cells and thus reduces stress and panic attacks, a discovery made by the author of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika in the 14th century.

Psychedelic Breath Dangerous?

Criticism and controversy surrounding psychedelic meditation

Who is psychedelic meditation not for? Due to the intensity of this breathing practice, it is not equally suitable for everyone. There are a few points and criteria that should be considered before practicing breathwork.

In particular, people who suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or epilepsy should not take part in an intensive psychedelic meditation session. This does not mean that they have to give up Psychedelic Breath completely. In this case, people are advised to take it a little easier and slower during the session and to listen carefully to their own body. If you suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or epilepsy, it is also recommended that you consult a doctor beforehand.

Psychedelic meditation and holotropic breathing are therefore low-risk and do not entail any major dangers, but should only be practiced mindfully and consciously. As a tip, pay attention to your own body and well-being during the session and don't be afraid to stop if necessary.


Psychedelic Meditation is a meaningful meditation combined with the powerful Psychedelic Breathwork technique and has many positive benefits. It can lead to deep relaxation, the release of emotional blockages and the visualization of new goals and motivations. We get high in the true sense of the word primarily through the altered blood flow to the brain - an LSD-like trip can occur.

Psychedelic meditation leads to comprehensive relaxation, can release emotional blockages and provide many new and unexpected impressions. Anyone who is interested in topics such as mediation and breathing is welcome to give it a try!

I can recommend psychedelic meditation to anyone who has problems with normal meditation and is looking for complete emptiness, possibilities, serenity and a natural high.