The most expensive drug in the world? These illegal substances make the dealers' cash registers ring

Written by: Konstantin Neumann



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Disclaimer & Trigger Warning: Drugs, no matter what form - legal or illegal - when consumed on a large scale, can cause significant harm to individuals or entire families. This blog post is intended as infotainment only and not as addiction help or holistic education! Help is available from:

Champagne is considered a luxury, organic coffee and matcha can be expensive, and beer can be bought dirt cheap at any discount store in Germany. But what is the most expensive drug in the world - which can only be bought on the black market?

It's a question that many people ask themselves, but there are few places that have an answer, especially since dealers rarely peddle the purest substances.

When we talk about the world's most expensive substances, we might first think of diamonds or possibly gold. In fact, a look at drug prices shows that addictive substances can easily keep up with this hit list. We reveal everything you need to know about the pricing policy on the drug market.

LSD in pure form tops list of world's most expensive substances

One of the best-known psychedelic substances is lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as LSD (in its pure form). The drug, declared as a narcotic, is not available on the legal market, but plays a relevant role in the most expensive drugs in the world. No other illegal substance is as expensive per gram, which is why trade on the black market is flourishing.

The average LSD price is around €2,400 for a gram. However, very small amounts of the most expensive drug in the world are enough to experience a trip. One can assume that an LSD trip costs no more than €10.

LSD: The most expensive substance in the world - at least if you go by the price per gram

Cocaine is also one of the most expensive substances in the world

Drug prices vary constantly, and demand has a major influence. But what does cocaine cost on average? Here, too, it can be seen that coke is one of the world's most expensive drugs of all. The substance extracted from the coca bush and its foliage is obtained with the help of a chemical production process. The end product is finally sold in the form of a white powder, and is consumed through the nose.

Pure cocaine costs between €480 and €500 per gram on the black market. In the ordinary street trade, where the narcotic is often sold cut, the price of cocaine, on the other hand, is only around €70 per gram.

Crystal meth price: Methamphetamine - within top list of the most expensive drugs in the world

Crystal meth comes from the laboratory and is produced synthetically. In terms of effect, metamphetamines are probably the strongest drugs, and they are clearly among the most expensive substances in the world.

With an average price per gram of €100 on the German black market, consumers have to dig deep into their pockets if they want to purchase the small crystals or the processed powder.

Crystal meth, however, has another sad record to its name: Compared to cocaine, LSD and many other intoxicants, the drug is said to have the strongest side effects and to produce a particularly strong addiction.

Heroin on the streets - how much does the drug currently cost?

Let's move away from the most expensive drug in the world and towards the prices of other illegal substances. In recent years, the price of heroin on the street has increased. As of 2021, it averaged €50 per gram, which represents a growth of about 10% in 10 years.

The street price is always influenced by the quality of the substances. When we talk about the world's most expensive drug, we assume the pure form, which has not been cut or mixed with cheap agents.

MDMA price surprisingly low - ecstasy at a bargain price?

Drug prices in Germany are subject to permanent fluctuations: while some substances are becoming more expensive, the price of others is falling. The price of ecstasy in particular seemed to be on the decline during the 2000s.

Only about €7 has to be paid for the drug on the street - no comparison to the most expensive drug in the world. The profitability of the street market is nevertheless given, as access rates are high, mainly in clubs, discotheques and at raves.

What does cannabis cost: Will a joint soon be unaffordable?

Compared to the 1990s, the price of cannabis has risen significantly. In the meantime, hash costs around €13 on the street, and flower costs €10 on average. In the near future, strong changes are to be expected here, as the German government is planning the legalization of cannabis.

Soon, every German citizen will be able to grow up to three cannabis plants independently and for their own use. What influence this will have on street prices and whether the black market for cannabis will possibly collapse is not yet foreseeable.

Leaves of the cannabis plant. How will legalization affect the price in the long term?

Cheap drugs on the street - crack price relatively low

Crack is one of the dumping drugs and can be had on the illegal market for as little as €5 a brick. Cheap, available to everyone, and highly dangerous - that's how experts would classify this substance, even though it's not one of the most expensive drugs in the world.

What many don't know is that crack is actually made on the basis of cocaine. Besides baking soda, a cocaine salt is used that is pressed into stones and then smoked in a pipe. The compound is not only more harmful than pure coke, but often also contaminated with other substances. Crack is thus far from the most expensive drug in the world - once in terms of effect and also in terms of price.

Special forms of drugs and addictive substances - street prices of Xanax & Tilidine

These are prescription substances that are traded under the table on the black market. Xanax belongs to the group of benzodiazepines and is used for anxiety disorders and restlessness. Due to its highly addictive potential, many people fall into a vortex of dependence and end up covering their needs through street dealing.

The Xanax price ranges from €20 to €50 per blister. Volatility is extreme, as there are often no "benzos" available when demand is high. Due to the strong addictive pressure of buyers, dealers can set their prices arbitrarily and almost always offer "cheap" rates only to regular customers.

Tilidine is a powerful painkiller from the opiate group. Like Xanax, it quickly leads to addiction when taken regularly, and the cycle of procurement begins. Addicts do not get a prescription from their doctor with the frequency they need, and therefore have to deal with the price of Tilidine on the street. On average, it is between €3 and €5 per tablet, but there are also cheaper dealers.

Conclusion: The most expensive drug in the world is and remains LSD

If you only look at the price per gram, LSD is the most expensive drug in the world. If you're wondering why some unfair dealers offer LSD at a significantly lower price, it's because of the quality of the substance. The highest prices always refer to pure substances that are cut and processed before being passed on by dealers.

Drug addicts pay a high price for impurities!

It is almost impossible to get pure heroin, LSD, cocaine or other drugs on the illegal black market. But that doesn't mean you don't have to pay a high price if you slip into addiction or become severely damaged by extenders. So, figuratively speaking, any substance you become addicted to is the most expensive drug in the world.

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