Psychedelic Retreat | Your magical journey | MODERNMIND
Psychedelic Retreat | Your magical journey | MODERNMIND
Psychedelic Retreat | Your magical journey | MODERNMIND
Psychedelic Retreat | Your magical journey | MODERNMIND
Psychedelic Retreat | Your magical journey | MODERNMIND

Psychedelic Retreat | Your magical journey | MODERNMIND

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Ticket to participate in a multi-day magical journey.

MODERNMIND Retreats are exclusive psychedelic retreats professionally led by psychologists, therapists & shamans with mind-expanding experiences in special locations near you.

The ticket price includes: 

  • 2 nights in a magical location
  • Single and double beds subject to availability
  • Optional all inclusive board vegan/vegetarian and drinks
  • personal Intention formation and goal setting
  • Yoga accompanied by trained yoga teachers
  • Shamanic style cocoa ceremony
  • Profound psychedelic MODERNMIND ceremony
  • Breathwork and meditations
  • Modules in nature such as ice bathing or walks
  • Integration work on the last day


Tag 1

  • Arrive (around 6 p.m.) and get to know each other
  • Introduction to the MODERNMIND world | Expiry | intention formation
  • Cocoa ceremony, purification and preparation for the next day
  • Dinner & Exchange

Tag 2

  • Check in & Breakfast
  • Modules consisting of Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork
  • Lunch with quality and healthy food
  • Relaxing walk in nature, with the option of ice bathing
  • Snacks & Ceremony Preparation
  • Psychedelic MODERNMIND Ceremony accompanied by a psychologist and experienced shaman
  • Buffet 

Tag 3

  • breakfast
  • Meditation, integration & exchange
  • Farewell & departure

The journey, your personal preparation tips for this psychedelic retreat and other information will be sent to you at least one week before the retreat.
Our retreat takes place under the current Corona rules.
If you have any further questions, we can be reached at any time. Write a message now

The pictures are sample pictures of our retreats.
The retreat process described serves as an example of past MODERNMIND retreats, a precise process will be tailored to the respective retreat and announced to the participants in good time.



Psychologin & klinische Psychotherapeutin


Psychologist and yoga teacher trained in India

Manuel is a psychologist, yoga teacher and meditation therapist. A deep interest in the human being soon led him to intensive work with entheogens during his academic training and finally to spiritual practice. Besides amazing explorations of consciousness, it were also the lasting healing effects and the enormous potential for growth and unfoldment that impressed him significantly. He deepened his knowledge in several years of training and constant practice in Berlin and India. Since then, he has been sharing his enthusiasm as a teacher, therapist and travel companion.


Shamanic Healing - Breathwork & Meditation

Psychedelic Retreat

500+ Souls auf Ihrer psychedelischen Reise begleitet

Ist ein psychedelisches Retreat das richtige für dich?
Kostenloses Beratungsgespräch

Wir gehen auf deine Vergangenheit, deine Wünsche, Ziele, Fragen und auf mögliche Effekte einer psychedelischen Sitzung auf deine Umstände ein.


Ein geführtes psychedelisches Retreat unterscheidet sich von einem „normalen“ Retreat dadurch, dass eine psychedelische Substanz zum Einsatz kommt, die die Reise zu deinem Bewusstsein und inneren Wunden, um ein Vielfaches beschleunigt. So kann die persönliche Weiterentwicklung, Verarbeitung von Traumata viel schneller und effektiver gestartet werden. Laut Forschungsergebnissen kann eine psychedelische Sitzungen im richtigen Setting Ergebnisse hervorrufen, die normalerweise JAHRE an Therapie beanspruchen würden.


Experience the MODERNMIND feeling