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Together we promote better education and transparency about psychedelic substances and their use

Co-founder & Managing Director

"The use of psychedelics in a therapeutic setting is the foundation of tomorrow's mental health. People deserve to be educated about this potential."


Co-founder & Managing Director

"With MODERNMIND's products I have found access to my true self and my passion. I am now grateful to accompany many other souls on their very personal path of potential development."



"A deep interest in human existence soon led me to intensive work with entheogens and eventually to spiritual practice during my academic training. Besides amazing explorations of consciousness, it was also the lasting healing effects and the enormous potential for growth which impressed me significantly."


Operations Manager

"In my opinion the pioneering work we are doing with MODERNMIND is enormously important because psychedelics used correctly, as studies have already shown, can be the way out of depression, anxiety, traumatic stress disorders and uncontrolled addictive behaviour into a new, high-quality life for many people."



"A deep interest in human existence soon led me to intensive work with entheogens during my academic training and finally to spiritual practice. Besides amazing explorations of consciousness, it were also the lasting healing effects and the enormous potential for growth and unfoldment that impressed me significantly."


Educator & spiritual coach

"After studying philosophy, I came to shamanism through unusual states of consciousness and out-of-body experiences. Through self-study of various shamanic traditions and participation in several ceremonies I was able to deepen my knowledge. My concern is to help people get back in touch with their inner child."

Our founding story

The founding story of MODERNMIND The founding story of MODERNMIND begins with two different stories that connect different aspects: The pressure to perform in an industrialised country and the demand to fit into the ideal image of this society. The two founders Konstantin Neumann, 25, who studied food science and biotechnology, and Maja Theresa Balz, 29, who has a degree in business administration, were already able to see how healing alternative substances can be during their own first contact with psychedelics.

Konstantin, who founded his first start-up, Wisefood, at the age of 19 while still studying at the University of Hohenheim, gained early insights into the responsible world of entrepreneurship. He was able to gather many challenging and instructive moments during his time as managing director of Wisefood GmbH. The mission was to reduce widespread plastic waste and create a sustainable impact. Wisefood is the world's first manufacturer of edible drinking straws made from apple scraps, which are available in over 30 countries. Konstantin proved himself in several TV appearances such as on "Die Höhle Der Löwen", "Galileo" and became first place at the Baden-Württemberg Startup Elevator Pitch, the Future Sax Innovation Award and the European award for the most innovative food startup (EIT Fan Accelarator). At his young age, he already had to carry a lot of personnel and budget responsibility. After 3 years filled with close to 100 working hours/week, which can be quite typical in the startup founding scene, he realised he was approaching burnout and hardly had any drive to go to the office anymore. At a psychedelic ceremony in the Netherlands, he was able to take a breath for the first time and penetrate the depths of his consciousness to realise that he had to start a new chapter in life in order to maintain his inner happiness and escape burnout. He then sold his shares in the company and spent a long time travelling in Asia, where he was again confronted with the healing power of psychoactive substances such as LSD. 


The motivation of his partner and MODERNMIND co-founder Maja is one that probably appeals to many women in particular. After her studies, she dared to take the step of founding her own company in the real estate industry. As managing director of Realvest Estate GmbH, she buys properties in southern Germany that are in need of development in order to modernise them and provide the market with contemporary living space. In this male-dominated industry, it takes a lot of self-confidence. Building this was a big challenge, especially in her youth. Maja grew up in a very loving and protective home. However, when she was at school, she was teased by her classmates because she was overweight. The feeling that she was not accepted by society because of her appearance or that she was not "enough" drove her into an eating disorder at the age of 13. This was only overcome through years of her own intensive reappraisal and therapies. This experience sensitised her and made her realise that many women feel the same way. The external pressure to conform to an ideal image, which creates complexes that prevent one from enjoying life to the fullest, as well as the present question "am I actually good enough?" Maja's first psychedelic experience, in the context of a private LSD derivative ceremony alone with her partner, gave her another access to the origin of the inner child and made her realise once more that contentment and happiness in life must be found in the depth of oneself. She was able to realise during this ceremony that she still had wounds within herself that must be worked through. 

Today, many celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Steve Jobs, Mike Tyson, Angelina Jolie and Meghan Fox talk about how psychedelics changed their lives for the better. In this context, it has also been described how it has helped some to heal wounds of the past, to find peace in life and to achieve the so-called "spiritual awakening". 

MODERNMIND stands for a modern society and an open-minded attitude towards alternative substances with healing potential. We want to make psychedelics more accessible to people in a responsible framework and to educate about the many potential benefits in terms of well-being, consciousness and self-optimisation. We are working in partnership with chemists, leading research institutes and specialist advocates to accelerate public understanding and awareness of what is still a taboo subject.